4 Steps to Create Your Own Beats

Becoming a music producer or creating your own beats requires a lot of work. Getting the best tools and instruments then perfecting the techniques to create the perfect beats, loads of effort and skill is required.

Whether you want to create smooth instrumentals or something out of the genre, you need to master certain steps of the process of creating beats. If you are new in this process then fret not with basic items you can create your own beats.

Also, you need to have a little knowledge of how music works in order to understand and work to create your beats. So, get your computer and headphones on and create your own beats following the below steps.

1. Laying down a strong foundation

Just like any other creation, here also you require to establish a strong foundation before you begin to create anything. You have to start out with the basics no matter what kind of beats you are hoping to create.

So, in order to lay down a strong foundation you need a kick and snare pattern that would help you keep a strong pulse for the entirety of your beat’s creation. Make sure to follow this step to get started on creating your own beats.

2. Decorate on the foundation

Now, that you have laid down your foundation with a snare pattern and kick, it’s time to add some elements. We call it decorating that will make your simple pattern into something catchy or may even make it the beat of the year.

Try and add different elements such as hi-hats, cymbals, toms, claps or any other sound effects of your choice to create a sick bit. A pro tip – experiment with varied VST plugins to make the changes on your beats and create them as per your liking.

3. Avoid overpopulating

Adding too much of anything will only spoil of what you created in the first place. Hence, your beats need not be overpopulated if you want to achieve perfection.

You need to leave some space for adding vocals or any smooth instrumentals if you want. This is why don’t make the mistake of overpopulating the beats with different effects. After all, creating a perfect track is not just about the beats but a little more than that.

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