SmartPhone water damage repair tips

Suddenly, World freezes when see your dropped smartphone in water. At that time you know a good thing never will happen for a few seconds. Everyone face this situation at some point in their lives as their precious Smartphone slip out of their hand and fall into the water or toilet accidentally. Not only phone but also the amount of data saved in that handset will also be in trouble.

Fortunately, if your precious gadgets have not been getting wet completely for a long time. There are some possibilities to fix it and save your mobile from damage.

First, you need to know how to dry your phone. Here some tips to you do immediately while after removing the phone from water.

Initial drying

Before going for smart phone repair services you shouldn’t shake your phone after the accident, because water gets to other parts of the phone. So, you need to open your phone, dry and internal parts gently.

Dry your phone with a paper towel

Firstly, you have to try to get rid of water from your phone, try the paper towel to dry out every part. You shouldn’t mess with a phone too much.

Put your Wet Mobile into Rice bag

Rice is an ideal solution to dry your mobile phone because it’s very good at absorbing humidity in the Air. It makes your mobile environment drier as well as dry out the device.

Make use of Silica Gel bag

You may go for the alternative option with a silica gel pack. This can be mostly found in shoes, electronic boxes as well as any plastic items. If you could not find any silica gel pack in your home, you can buy it online with good deals.

You can also buy a water rescue kit which consists of the special bag and silica gel pack. This helps you greatly more effective than rice bag

Try a Vacuum Cleaner

In fact, Vacuum cleaner sucks off water from your smartphone without any risk. Ensure that suctioning doesn’t make your phone move around excessively.

What you should not do with the wet phone

  • Don’t operate your smartphone after taking it out from the water
  • Don’t press any buttons as it leads the water to enter into the circuits
  • Avoid using a hairdryer for drying out the phone that will push water into the phone and cause severe damage
  • Don’t turn on the phone as soon as rescuing it from the water.
  • Avoid placing your wet phone in the microwave oven; because it’s a bad idea, if you have a vacuum chamber at your home, it is another way to dry your phone.

If you are tried all the above tips, and still your phone is not working, let give your phone to the service. Some mobile phone repair experts will make effort to save your water dropped the phone or other devices. Because they know the technology to retrieve all information stored on your phone as well as transfers them to a new device. Go for a third party repair service to get rid of the issue.

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