Seven Best Places To Stay When You Are In Sri Lanka

If you are hoping to shop while in Colombo, then take a hotel in Pettah via any famous online hotel booking portals. Pettah is a district known for having several famous outdoor bazaars, colloquially known as the Pettah Market. Hostel 55 Fort Train is an affordable choice located in the heart of this district, just a 6-minute walk from the main port of the city.

To discover some of the green areas of Colombo, choose a hotel near Galle Face Green, such as the elegant Taj Samudra, a two-minute walk away.
This city park stretches over 500 meters along the ocean and covers about five hectares. We have put up a list of best hotels to stay when you are in Colombo.

1 – Living Heritage

For a trip to the magnificent hill of Sri Lanka, Living Heritage is ideally located on its estate in a charming forest scenery. It is also close to the famous Lipton tearoom and is situated along the picturesque rail route that goes from Kandy to Ella.

The villas have their own secluded courtyard, a long veranda and at least three forest pavilions in which you can see the canopy of trees while relaxing with a good book and a refreshing drink. There is a magnificent infinity pool with a view of the surrounding area as well as extensive opportunities for hiking and walking in the eighty-acre tract. Reach Sri Lanka by getting your Saudi Airlines reservation done and enjoy one of the best hotels there.

2 – The River House

It is a truly romantic escape, located on the banks of Madhu Ganga on 13 hectares of tropical gardens, it houses five unique apartments providing an individual and private experience. The apartments include small swimming pools and are designed so that guests feel that they are in the lush forest surrounding the apartment, and the resort provides complete privacy and relaxation. Special bridal packages are available, in which guests can enjoy massages in the studio and a range of delicious meals to the room from the tempting menu.

3 – Casa Colombo

Casa Colombo is one of the most dazzling hotels in the city that combines modern style with the beauty of a 200-year-old Moorish residence. The building, once the home of a wealthy Indian family, is decorated with mosaic floors, arches and molded ceilings, ensuring a truly magical stay. The hotel is a stone’s throw away from the bustling financial district while maintaining a secluded atmosphere to which guests can retreat after a long day.

4 – Anantara Peace Haven

If the idea of ??staying in a hidden luxury resort on a coconut plantation is in your mind, then Antara Peace Haven is a perfect place for you to consider. On the southern coast of Sri Lanka, the resort offers 152 luxurious rooms and villas to choose from. In addition to Ayurvedic rituals and spa treatments, you can also enjoy a meal with a beautiful view from the clifftop.

You can go to online hotel booking portal that suits you, and you can book this marvelous hotel right now for your trip to Sri Lanka. The resort offers an oasis of peace with the possibility of practicing yoga on the pristine sands, visiting the villages by tuk-tuk, and most importantly, enjoy the rich flavors of traditional Sri Lankan dishes from the independent cafes.

5 – The Fort Printers, Galle

Fort Galle is a significant remnant of the colonial past of Sri Lanka, whose streets can be walked on, still lighting the walls of this old port city entered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. To delve into this story, it’s worth stopping somewhere in these walls.

This hotel began as one 18th-century residence, even if its apartments now occupy several historic buildings. The rooms are equipped with old desks and couches. A nod to the past takes many forms, including Morris Minor from 1945 – employees are happy to offer you a ride – and the courtyard filled with frangipani is an excellent place for dinner.

6 – Villa Don Hendrick

This elegant bed and breakfast resemble a stylish home from home – guests can try snacks and (non-alcoholic) drinks from the bar or explore the area on bicycles. Accommodation is in the form of a villa or one of three one-bedroom bungalows, named after the three sons of Don Hendrick, a local judge who built the house at the beginning of the 20th century.

After encountering the property in 2010, the current owners Raf and Harold subsequently transformed it into a boutique hotel and is now one of the most charismatic stays in Tangalle. Villa Don Hendrickwaits for your visit and Saudi Airlines reservation is up for Colombo, and it is one of the airline’s favorite destinations

7 – The Fortress

As the name implies, this resort in Sri Lanka has a colonial character with the spectacular Galle beach in the background. The resort has a vibrant atmosphere and offers a wide range of accommodation options, including beach rooms, ocean rooms, fortress rooms and rooms on the Splash beach.

However, for guests who want to enhance their splendour, there are also magnificent Forest and Ocean Loft apartments. Guests can undergo one of the many spa treatments available, such as hot stone therapy, and the resort is environmentally friendly, offering the opportunity to engage in conservation projects involving small turtles or whale hunting!


There are only a few places in the world that contain the same number of UNESCO World Heritage sites in one place, and Sri Lanka alone has eight of them. The island has a culture dating back over 2,000 years, and it has some of the fantastic hotels and ancient places ideal for sightseeing. So, go to the online hotel booking portal of your desire and book any of the hotels mentioned above in Sri Lanka, and enjoy your best stay.

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