SEO Today: Four Bad SEO Habits that Can Destroy Your Search Rankings

“The success of a page should be measured by one criterion: Does the visitor do what you want them to do?” –Aaron Wall

Today, with more and more digital marketing strategies cropping up, some experts have long believed search engine optimization (SEO for brevity) to be dead.

They have asserted that in this day and age, SEO no longer has a rightful place in online marketing techniques and resultantly, has been rendered obsolete and useless. Well, they could not be any further from the truth. While true, there are some SEO techniques that would no longer be feasible and practical today; an overwhelming majority of strategies still remain to be effective in gaining the traction and traffic you want. Furthermore, the SEO strategies that have been proclaimed to be outdated are those that would do your search rankings more harm than good.

In other words, SEO is very much alive, kicking and thriving. It is only bad SEO that is dead and as it should be. Unfortunately, as competitive business websites and various industries vie for the top spot in search results, some of them would often resort to unsavory means—even if it would potentially hurt their traffic and rankings. Worse yet, Google could potentially penalize your website as well. However, with today’s ever changing online algorithms, how do you ensure that the SEO practices you have been consistently implementing are relevant and more importantly, acceptable by Google’s standards? While good SEO practice has been shown to change over time, a good digital marketing philippines would be able to weed out the bad practices from the good ones. In any case, here are some of the bad SEO practices you might want to avoid doing in the future:

  1. Duplicate Content

While you are encouraged to produce SEO friendly content consistently, this in no way means that you can arbitrarily duplicate as you wish. In this regard, we mean content that is copied and pasted onto your own website word for word. Your content should be unique, original and should be compelling enough that your visitors would want to keep coming back to read more on your website. Duplicated content is not good for SEO as search engines already have the same content in their index. With this in mind, they have no reason to rank or even index your web page. Make sure your content always has something fresh and new to offer. Do not write for the sake of publishing; write because you want to inform your audiences.

      2.Keyword Stuffing

An integral aspect you should always remember when it comes to creating content is that it should be audience-centered and not machine-focused. With this in mind, create content that is written for humans and not search engines. Keyword stuffing which is basically repeating the same keywords over and over again not because they are useful to the context of the content but because it is meant to optimize, is detrimental to your SEO rankings. Apart from Google picking this up easily, it would considerably reduce your traffic. Do not apply your keyword as liberally as you can, instead pepper it wherever it fits appropriately. For good measure, including it in your title, description and opening paragraph. If that technique alone does not suffice, mention it a couple times more naturally throughout your text.

    3.Accepting low quality guest posts

To create diversity as well as to showcase various writing techniques, websites often accept guest posts. However, you should be wary about arbitrarily accepting any write-up. Yes, you are encouraged to feature new writers on your website and publish content written by others. However, you need to be a little meticulous and discriminating in the content you accept. It needs to meet a certain set of rules and pass your standards. If it does not get your allegorical stamp of approval, then it is best if you do not use the content at all lest it do damage to your search rankings.

   4.Too many ads

This has been considered bad SEO as Google has been known to punish websites that have way too many ads above the part of a page that is visible without scrolling (above the fold). A sudden decrease in your traffic could be attributed to this, so you better check.

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