Secure Best Treatments With Gynecomastia Doctors Near Me

Enlargement of breasts in males is a hormonal disorder. This whole issue is termed as gynecomastia. Young males and even teenage boys suffer from this condition due to one or more reasons. The enlargement differs from person to person but requires proper treatment for a permanent solution.

The common signs of this condition:

Also referred by the name of ‘’ man’s boobs’’, gynecomastia results from swelling of tissue cells around the breast area. This disorder is pretty painful if the individuals persist on not opting for treatments. The condition can damage the chest area completely and can also lead to permanent deformation.

To avoid all kinds of side-effects, the best gynecomastia doctors near me insist on suitable treatment plans that can remove the lump around the breast area. The solution is more or less of permanent nature, with occasional monitoring required in case of swelling or redness.

What are the common causes of gynecomastia?

One of the primary reasons that can heavily contribute to gynecomastia in males is due to hormonal imbalance. The production of estrogen and testosterone hormones in excess can lead to this condition. The estrogen hormone can contribute to tissue swelling and can easily cause the breasts to develop fully in males.

Apart from this factor, some of the other reasons that contribute to gynecomastia are as follows:

  1. Obesity can cause extreme stress in the male body and can lead to the sudden growth of breasts. Being overweight or extremely obese can directly harm the human body and can increase the level of estrogen in males. That is why; the breasts start to develop rapidly, with the accumulation of fat and tissue swelling.
  2. Older men also face the issue of gynecomastia as the body fat starts to accumulate near the breast area. The growth hormone starts to accumulate and bring significant changes in the growth of breasts.
  3. Another reason that can contribute to gynecomastia is puberty. This is commonly found in teenage boys when they start to experience sexual changes in their bodies. Enlargement of breasts at this stage can be easily treated and the hormonal levels in the body can be decreased to a stable state.
  4. Also, if you drink too much alcohol, and suffer from heart disease, gynecomastia is also a common problem.

The right treatment for this condition:

The best treatment that can be opted for this condition is surgery gynecomastia doctors near me are professionals who can recommend the best solution for treating this abnormal condition. You can directly get in touch with the specialist to understand the real cause and its appropriate solution. If the enlargement has just started to take place, medications can probably help. However, if the breast formation results from obesity, exercise is the best way to get rid of it permanently.

Therefore, as soon as you spot signs of gynecomastia in your body, let your doctor know about it. Try to seek treatments before the symptoms swell up and cause discomfort!

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