Why say “Yes” to Healthy Lifestyle?

Healthy lifestyle is not all about having green leafy vegetables and sugar free doughnuts and coffee all the time. It is about having yummy and mouth watering sweet cakes and cheesy cuisines and foods in limited amount which you are required, not more than that.

It is all about maintaining your health and health can be maintained by

  • Doing exercise
  • Having suitable sleep-cycle in which you wake up early and sleep early
  • Attaining good eating habits
  • Having healthy choice of food in which there would be protein and less fats

And there are many other ways.

These all actions lead to healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle is very important and essential because it

  • Keeps you energized: Consumption of too much fatty food brings laziness with it too. And laziness makes you to be in bed hours long or all day long. And if it is in habit to consume fatty foods or foods rich in fats and bad cholesterol along with carbohydrates, then it would be in habit too to remain in bed and feel lazy. And such habits lead to increment in weight. Increment in weight causes unbalance in hormones which lead to fatigue and mood swings along with physical problems.

Thus, light foods which have more proteins and less fats or good cholesterol keep you light and it is that lightness that will keep you alert and active.

Furthermore, because of that lightness, oxygen, the real fuel of your body, can pass everywhere easily. And it is the oxygen whose presence ignites the brain and makes your eyes open completely.

  • Maintains your hormones: Too much comes consumption of fatty foods cause excessive rise in glucose level. High levels of glucose can cause hyperactivity and aggressiveness because glucose is the fuel of your body and if there is more than required fuel then you would work fast and emote everything fast too.

Consumption of light foods maintains your glucose level due to which it reduces hyperactivity.

Exercise, on the other hand, also helps in maintaining emotions because it balances your hormones.

  • Keeps you Happy: Exercise increases the level of oxytocin or happy hormones in your blood because it ignites or stimulates those areas of your body that produces oxytocin.

That’s the reason why you feel happy and that you have something productive after doing pushups and sit-ups.

On the other hand, there is no motion in sitting and lying down for so long due to which there is not any feeling of having done something creative and productive due to which there is release of oxytocin and increment in fats.

Basically, exercises fasten the passing of oxygen too due to which you will get more alert too.

So do exercise and be happy.

  • Keeps you alert for long hours: It is good to chew your food 32 times or until it becomes liquid because it will fasten your metabolism. Your have digestion which should be completed in mouth is completed in its required place and, now, only digestive system is required to break remaining carbohydrates into smaller form. Thus not much energy will be consumed by your stomach and intestines then. The remaining energy will be used in keeping you alert.

So chew more and be good in Math’s and physics.

  • Increase your life span: Exercise simulates oxytocin which keeps you happy and happiness play major role in increasing your life span because it will keep you hopeful and let you see things from positive perspectives. Positivity keeps your hopes high and motivated you to live a moment more.

In the same way green leafy vegetables and vitamins keeps you healthy and light. It balances your hormones which play a major role in keeping your organs in condition to be used. Thus it increases your life span.

On the other hand, lack of exercise and high calorie foods cause mood swings and irritation. And such things will let you see negative perspectives. Negativity causes loss of hope which is the root to motivate you to live and to work. High calorie foods do what we have discussed above. Its digestion requires lots of energy which means most of your will be used up but in return you will get bad cholesterol to be lined up at your muscles and heart which can cause many problems in future.

  • Keeps your Wallet filled with Money: Chewing your food more and more cause you to eat less because chewing requires action and concentration. The more you concentrate, the more you know that you need less food than you eat and thus, you will eat less. And you can use your rice and flour for more days. So money will be saved. You can read more reasons for it in dissertations which are available at cheap dissertation writing services.

Healthy food keeps your stomach full for long time. So, you will not need chips and biscuits anymore to swift away the hunger.

And remaining money you can spend on your favorite clothes. You can also purchase the best selling authors’ books too.

So eat healthy and save money.

  • Make your day productive: last but not least, omelet’s and milk in breakfast, salad and boiled rice in lunch, fruit juice or milk shake in supper and oats or chicken in dinner along with exercise and jogging can make your day productive because making food healthy but mouth watering that motivate you to eat requires brain and creativity. And it is usage of creativity that make your whole day productive and worthy.

Healthy lifestyle is not boring. It is very interesting and creative, if you try to see it from different perspectives, because it not carry boiled rice and sugar free coffee but it also carry healthy and nutritious cakes that would have rice flour instead of whole purpose flour, rice milk instead of whole milk and brown sugar instead of white one.

Positive things have always creativity and that’s why it has worth. You just need to observe its unhidden benefits which can ignite and motivate you to bring them in use.

So have brown sugar one cakes and be creative.

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