SAT Exam Pattern and Format

Schooling is the first phase of building up a student academically. A person builds his career on the foundation laid by the education he receives from his school. Although there are examinations for all the subjects being studied in any class but the knowledge gained during that period has its use throughout a student’s life. So there needs to be an assessment after schooling that helps a student evaluate his understanding of various subjects that will be used in is life ahead. One such test, that helps a student know about his general ability and aptitude, is SAT or Scholastic Aptitude Test. There are many centers for SAT coaching in Kolkata, where students are prepared for this exam. Before going for training for this exam, let us know about its pattern. 

Scholastic Aptitude Test is divided into two sections, namely-Evidence Based Reading And Writing and Math. These are further divided into two sections each. All the questions of the EBRW (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing) are multiple-choice questions. The math part has most of its questions as multiple-choice questions; however, some answers have to be filled in. There is an essay, which is optional. It is the candidate’s decision whether to attempt it or not. With the essay section being attempted, the time provided for the test is 3 hours and 50 minutes. Without the essay section being attempted, the test is of 3 hours. A student has 100 minutes to attempt the EBRW part and 80 minutes to attempt the math part. The marks range for the total test is between 400-1600. 

The Scholastic Aptitude Test consists of a total of 154 questions. In the EBRW section, there is the reading part, consisting of 52 questions, for which a student is given a time duration of 65 minutes. Then come the writing and language tests that consist of 44 questions to be completed within a maximum duration of 35 minutes. The combined score of these two sections is between 200-800 marks. After these two sections, the EBRW part is complete. Then comes the math section. The first part of this section is to be attempted without a calculator being used. This part has 20 questions to be completed within 25 minutes. 

The next part can be attempted with the help of a calculator. It has 38 questions to be attempted within 55 minutes. These two parts also carry a total of between 200-800 marks. The optional essay part has a single question and a candidate is given 50 minutes to attempt it. It carries 2-8 marks. This part is given so that universities get a knowhow about the candidate’s personality and thought process.

Although this test is based on the knowledge which a student has already gained in his high school, still there occurs a need to prepare well for this test once again. This is so because every student needs to go through the basics of the concepts once again to recapitulate all that was taught. Hence, get good training from SAT coaching in Kolkata with sincere efforts will lead to a good SAT score.    

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