Samsung Galaxy S9: The coolest color display smartphone

Today’s most advanced smartphones are known for their display and its performance. One of such kind is Samsung Galaxy S8, and it has world’s best display. And, the same display configuration will be given to the next Samsung Galaxy S9.

Samsung Galaxy S8 display gives vivid performance, starting from the color temp. The color temperature is 7,600ºK, well above the reference level of 6,500ºK, which implies a marked bluish tone that is noticeable in applications with white background, such as the browser. Luckily, Samsung has added a white color adjustment called Color Balance, which allows you to alter the red, green and blue level of the screen. In this way we can reduce the blue level and get close enough to the ideal value of 6,500 K.

Gamut color sRGB

The AMOLED Cinema mode is designed to more accurately reflect the DCI-P3 gamut commonly used in the film industry, and in fact, the Galaxy S8 + screen covers 100% of that gamut in this mode. On the other hand, the Photo Mode AMOLED pursues the gamut Adobe RGB used by many digital cameras, and covers 91% of this gamut. So, Samsung has made a record with such performance that debuted with Galaxy S8, and further improvement will even take Samsung ahead in the market. Now question arises, will it be possible by the month of March i.e. when Samsung will bring the Samsung Galaxy S9 to the world.

Finally, the Basic mode is the one that best reflects the gamut sRGB, since it covers 100% of this space. As we have already commented, sRGB is the color space used by smartphones and computers, so it is the one you should choose if you are looking for maximum color fidelity in the content of apps and games – even though the colors look more muted Than with Adaptive Display. In Basic mode, the average error in color fidelity turns out to be very low, 2.8 dE (a value below 4 dE is considered excellent and above 9 is considered unacceptable), and the maximum error turns out to be 5.4 dE, A moderate value.

The color temperature is 6,609ºK, quite close to the reference level of 6,500ºK, implying a pure white color without any color tint. Overall, Samsung deserved applause for the wonderful display configuration of Galaxy S8. And, next release from Samsung Galaxy series i.e. Galaxy S9 will definitely bring the best surprises Samsung has brought to the world.


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