How Resting Metabolic Rate Provide Value to Your Health

Calorie consumption and its expenditure during the whole day is a very complex process. Numerous people do not understand how calories and energy are related. How does food work as fuel for the body?
Energy is needed to sustain the different processes going on in the body. But where does the body get the necessary energy from? The energy is taken into the body in the form of food and that is how food works as a fuel for the body.
The bonding present in the food molecules, has energy stored in it. When the food is chewed, the bonds are broken down and energy is released. This energy is then utilized by the body to perform the vital activities.  Now precisely measure your metabolic rate here.

Calorie is basically the unit for energy. The food that we eat has the presence of macronutrients like carbohydrates, proteins and lipids. All such macronutrients are rich sources of energy. Moreover, eating means taking in calories into the body.

The body needs calories in a fixed amount to avoid itself from building fat. The unhealthy calories when eaten in excess, tend to build the unhealthy fat making you obese. However, calories are burnt in different ways during the day. One burns calories when he walks, runs or even talks. Most surprisingly, even when one is sitting or sleeping, he is burning calories.
Reports have shown that sleeping burns 23 calories and reading burns 42 calories. Hence, it is no longer a question of why active people, who do a lot of chores during the day, tend to stay fit.

Resting Metabolic Rate or simply RMR refers to one’s metabolic rate when he/she is at rest and simply doing nothing, not even being indulged in any simple activity. This is because even when you are doing nothing physically, your brain is definitely functioning to process different things and you’re thinking. Moreover, there are numerous processes going on in the body which require energy even when you are at rest. To get the energy, body breaks the calories.

Resting Metabolic Rate values have been gaining immense importance because people are interested in knowing how much calories they burn during the whole day and the calories burnt at rest are also included.
These calories are fixed. The calories burnt during simple activities such as reading, sleeping, sitting, eating, talking, watching something and etc. all are fixed. And hence, these are counted in the total calorie expenditure of each day.

We all want to lose weight fast and without too much effort right? How about increasing the RMR to such an extent, that we lose maximum calories while doing the simplest activities?
The RMR value helps one in maintaining weight. Losing weight means burning more calories than consuming. One can increase the RMR value. Increasing the RMR value will automatically account for maintaining the weight. And so you would not have to face different serious problems such as numerous cardiovascular diseases, certain cancers, stones of the kidney and gallbladder and so much more.

The basic vitality of the RMR value is what happens when it starts to decrease which is actually health threatening and therefore one must keep a check on the value especially in case of aging people. When one starts to age, the RMR value starts to decline automatically. Once a person exceeds the age of 20 or 30, he tends to lose 2-3% of RMR value per each decade. This can result in causing numerous illnesses and diseases. Hence, this value holds great importance and one must be sure to keep a check on it.


Now the question is, what to do in case the RMR value starts to show a decrease. The simple answer to it is, increase the activity level. When you know that your body is not burning sufficient calories itself, you will have to forcefully make it do that. Go for simple cardio. Start the day by going for a jog in the park or by walking.
Moreover, try eating small amount of meals every 3 hours. This tends to provide extra energy and you will not feel drowsy or lazy.


What simple way to know the RMR value apart from by the use of this calculator?
Well without this calculator, you will have to do a lot of complex calculations and you might not be able to calculate the exact and precise value. Using this calculator, you will be able to calculate the most precise value with in just seconds.

The calculator asks you for the following:
Note: All the information required by the calculator are necessary to calculate the RMR value and influence the Resting Metabolic Rate value.

You will have to provide your gender, your height in cm, your weight in Kg and your age.
Usually height is measured in feet and inches. However, this calculator needs the value in cm. but if you are not sure how to interconvert the values, the calculator makes your work easy by providing you with a table which will simply convert your values.

The calculator is absolutely free. Does not need any complex information. Does not even ask for your personal information such as your name and email. Therefore, you can use it with full convenience and satisfaction.

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