Quick Tips to Enhance Productivity in LSS Projects

The proper management of any project is one of the few things that always thrives for the excellent analytical skills that further ensures that the project is being successfully commenced within the stipulated time. The completion of any project with flying colours and that too within the decided time period is completely dependent on the proper analytical skills of the person managing the project. The managers of any project play a pivotal role in the accumulation of the required resources and strategies that help in the successful execution of the project on time and also keep in mind about the client satisfaction by matching the specifications as per the requirement. 

Most of the managers are normally seen to be using the Lean Six Sigma (LSS) methods and techniques for the proper and smother project flow and completion of it. The major reason behind the managers selecting the Lean Six Sigma (LSS) methods is the accuracy that the technique provides to the managers and thus becomes vital in the completion of any project. 

Tips that help in the increment of productivity using Lean Six Sigma (LSS)

The enhancement of the productivity of any project is completely dependent on the managers about how they manage it and what are the major strategies that are adopted by them. Although the Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is termed to be the best method still, there are a few things that need to be focused at increasing the productivity of the project and attaining the complete accuracy. 

Some of the major tips include, 

  1. Selection of a proper team– The first step of commencement of any project depends on the selection of a proper team by the managers to get the work done within the proper timing. It is always wise for the managers to choose the team or the individuals as per the requirement of the project and keeping in mind about the experience of the individuals in handling the previous projects that are similar to the project that they are being selected for. It is good to have the team members that are a useful hand for the execution of the project when it comes down to technological knowledge. 
  2. Having of Work Focus– The having of work focus is an important aspect that is always termed as one of the basics of project completion. It becomes even more vital for the project managers to encourage their team to be completely focused on the project during the work hours. Some necessary majors are also needed to be taken by the project managers for maintaining the focus of the team members by prohibiting the use of social networking sites and other entertainment sites during the work hours that deviate the mind of the team members. 
  3. Investment of time– The major part of handling the project is dependent on the management of time that is carried out by the project managers and includes several processes in it that include team selection, the setting of the working hours, assigning the role of each team member and checking the project reports timely. The project managers are also involved in the completion of the pre-work before the initiation of the project and are responsible for the combining of all the resources required for the project. 
  4. Avoiding of multi-tasking– The major mistake done by most of the project managers is having their presence in multiple projects. The most important thing that is advised by the experts is that the successful commencement of any project depends on the sheer dedication and focus of the team members on the project. If in case, any team member or even the project manager is associated with multiple projects simultaneously, then, the outcome of the project perhaps may not be the same that is expected. 
  5. Support of the stakeholders– Every company is majorly dependent on the valuable support of its stakeholders, which needs the project managers to complete and transparent information about the project to the stakeholders time to time to gather the support from them during the time of success or when any issues arrive before them. 


Lean Six Sigma is the most efficient and valuable method, which is being used by the project managers in order to increase productivity with all the tips mentioned above. It has been proved that all the tips if followed properly, then it will definitely increase project productivity. 


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