Questions to Ask your Poodle Breeder

When bringing a fur baby as an addition to your family, you want to pick out the perfect puppy. And, when we talk about adorable yet intelligent dog breeds, how can we miss out on the poodle puppies in Virginia? However, to decide which poodle breed is right for you and your family, start by talking to a responsible and reliable breeder. 

When it comes to buying a people puppy from a breeder, there are certain questions that you must ask to ensure you bring home a healthy puppy. So, we have outlined a list of important and common questions you can ask your poodle breeder to have a better understanding of the poodles.

Ask About their Experience

No matter if you are dealing with a breeder or a company, experience matters the most! It would be best to ask you’re your poodle breeder how long they have been providing breeding services for poodle puppies in VirginiaMoreover, to better understand your breeder, you can ask if they are involved in any additional clubs or organizations about the poodle breeds. 

Thus, ideally, you should consider a breeder with a few years of experience in doodle breeding services.

Does the Breeder Socialize their Puppies?

Socialization is an integral part of raising any puppy. It is always better to socialize the puppies in the initial stage and as soon as possible. In most cases, if the puppies are socialized at the breeder’s house, you will not face any troubles. So, while buying poodle puppies in Virginia, ask your breeder if they are passionate about socialization. 

Socialization allows the puppies to meet new people easily and hear noises, surfaces, and other environmental factors.

Are there any Health Issues with the Puppy?

Choose a breeder who claims their puppies come from health-tested parents and are raised in their home until they are finally ready to move into their forever homes. Make sure to ask the breeder if the breed has any inherited health problems. Every breeder should be aware and have knowledge about such health issues and should willingly share the information.

Also, don’t forget to ask if the puppies have received their first shots and deworming before they leave for their forever homes.

Ask about the Prices

While buying anything, everyone has to keep a specific budget in mind. You can look for poodles for sale near you and ask about their price so you can spend depending upon how much your pocket will allow you.

What would be the Right Time to Buy the Puppy?

When buying a poodle puppy, it matters a lot at what age you will bring it home. So, ask the breeder at what age they will release that cute little puppy to you. After all, a puppy needs a proper time to be with its mother and should not be taken away before at least eight weeks.

Ask them to help you Decide on the Right Poodle Breed

If you are a new pet owner and buying poodles for sale near you for the first time, you might need suggestions and guidance. Thus, this is exactly what you can ask the breeders for. The breeder will know the character of each poodle breed, which can help select the one that can be the right fit for your home. 

A breeder can tell you about the puppy’s temperament and match them according to your lifestyle and needs.

Can You Meet the Parents of the Puppy?

Meeting your dog’s parents can give you a better insight into what you can expect from your poodle puppy in the future. You can observe the weight, size, coloring, and health of the poodle dog parents. These things will help to predict what your puppy will be like when it grows. It might look somehow like its parents.


When buying poodles for sale near you, always be sure to listen to the breeder’s suggestions of which poodle puppy they think is appropriate for you and your family. After all, a good breeder can make a good match between puppy and owner! 

Moreover, a reliable breeder should tell you the strengths, weaknesses, and genetic disorders that can affect their breed and suggest the best possible measure to take to prevent such issues.