Proper watering techniques for ensuring the plant health

Container gardening can be an exciting hobby and you may find yourself planting more and more number of pots every year. To make your hard work successful for your dream garden, it is very important to water your plants regularly in a perfect manner. While you may think that pouring more water to the pots is good for your pant, you should correct your facts. Pouring excess water of plants can actually kill it because of drowning. To avoid draining, you can make use of planter drip trays to drain the excess water. Here are some of the tips for watering your plants.

flower pots

Tips for proper watering of plants:

  • Check the moisture level of the plants– Before you water your plants; make sure you check out the wetness of the plant. Your container may look dry from the top, but it may be wet from the bottom. To check out the moisture content, insert one of your fingers till your second knuckle. If you find that the soil is dry, then your plant needs watering. During to the scorching summer heat, your plant may remain moist in the morning, but it might become hard and dry by the evening. Make sure, you check it both the times keep your plant hydrated.
  • Water deeply your containers – This is one of the essential things that you should follow. You should water your plant slowly and deeply till water oozes out from the holes of the container. These holes are very important for drainage because it is the deciding factor for survival of your plants. Shallow watering can make the roots stay at the top of the pot susceptible to sunlight.
  • Watering your plants in the morning– The roots of the plants are more prone to morning watering than afternoon. Out of the two, it is you should always prefer morning watering. This is because if you water the plants in the evening, there are high changes of fungal diseases because the water sits on the foliage overnight. However, you should water your plants if you find it to be dry.

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  • Don’t water the leaves- Plants having hairy leaves are prone to sunburn if you pour water on the leaves. These water drops act like small magnifying glasses which tend to burn off the plant. It is always advisable to water the soil even if the leaves have a smooth texture. You can use hose instead of sprinklers for watering the base of the plants. The moist leaves tend to develop fungal diseases.
  • There is no need of relying on rainfall- Just like you need water and food to survive; the same thing is applicable for plants as well. There is no need to depend on rainfall for watering your plants. After a heavy shower, check if the plants have been watered properly. The flowers and leaves can act as a shield to the plants and hinder the water from reaching the bottom of the plant surface. In case of short duration rainfall that is heavy, might not be sufficient to immerse the soil from top to down.
  • Don’t think that once is enough- Even if you have watered the plant in the morning, you may need to water it once again in the evening. Depending on the size of the pot and the soil that you use, your container garden may require watering for more than once. The metal and the terracotta pots dry out very quickly so you need to water them at least twice a day. Also, a small container may require more watering because of the brutal temperature.

Therefore, if you wish to upgrade your garden, make sure you buy planter drip trays for plant pots to prevent drainage and allow proper drainage of the plant. You should take immense care while watering your pots.


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