What are the problems that can effect your Timber garage door?

There are many doors that have a single or double door and it is pretty normal. Why do you keep a garage door? It is a measure of security. You can keep your motor vehicles safe from burglary if you have a garage, moreover, it also protects them from harsh weather.

However, you will see most of the garages are positioned at the entrance of a property so that one can easily take out and put in their vehicles. For this, you will also need a garage door that adds to curb appeal.

The most popular type of door that is used on the garages is the sectional timber doors. You must not think that just because these doors are manufactured from timber you don’t have to maintain them, the species of wood does not matter.

You have to maintain the doors regularly no matter what to make sure that they not only look good but also the wood does not rot or gets any crack.

 Why does wood expand and contracts?

According to nature, there are microscopic cells within a tree that expands for absorbing the moisture from the environment, or the water that flows through the would for nourishing and sustaining the life of a tree.

When the water evaporates these cells also contracts or shrinks. Even after the tree is cut down and put under processes the timber continues to expand and contract.

In its entire lifetime, a timber never stops expanding and contracting as it absorbs the humidity from the air mostly during the rainy season and during summer or hot weather it tends to lose the moisture.

This is the key reasons that it is essential to treat a timber properly used for sectional garage doors. Treatment must be of such a kind that will allow it to expand or contract without causing any damage to its exterior appearance.

Identify and treating the problem accordingly

1.Wood Rot

This is the most common type of a problem that is seen on the sectional timber garage door if it has not been maintained properly. You will see that the wood has started to turn black and it will slowly disintegrate from where the moisture has entered.


It is essential that you identify a wood rot as soon as possible. If there are any black areas it is an identification for you that you have not applied proper treatment. The treatment may have also failed or degraded.

First and foremost you can sand down that affected area, however, it is recommended that it is better to sand door the entire door. This is done to remove the dead wood as much as possible.

You will also get many products in the market that are designed for restoring damaged wood.

There may be many areas where wood rot has spread and has done extensive damage and you cannot restore the wood. In those areas, it is better that you remove the damage with the help of wood chisel and rebuild the area with epoxy putty.

If you need to remove larger areas it will be better than you replace it with an entirely new section of wood.

Cracking and fading

All thanks to nature and the growing pollution if the wood gets damaged by cracking and fading. This happens because of extreme exposure to dry climate and UV rays.


In most of the cases, you can repair cracking and fading if you apply an exterior sealer product. But, if the damage is huge and has severe cracking then it will be better than you first sand down the door and then apply any type of sealer.

The place on the door where the wood has bleached and lost its color you can apply a tinted sealer and it will add color to the wood of your garage door.

Basic tips for maintaining a sectional timber door

You can prevent all the problems if you start regularly maintaining and annually inspecting it. You can go to your local hardware store and purchase an exterior sealer that is suitable for the weather in your region.

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