Prior the Movers Arrive Make Sure There’s a Tick against Everything in the Checklist

Don’t be under the wrong impression that you’ve hired movers, you can sit back and relax and everything will be taken care of by them. Well, indeed they strive to work as much as possible but still, there are a lot of things that depend upon you. So, before the movers arrive, several things require to be completed on your part. To have a hassle free move, take a few of the matters in your hands and keep them ready.

Complete the cleaning work

It seems like a must-do task, but still many people leave it either on their maids or for later days or completely skip it. What matter is and most important thing is, do it in advance whenever you get time. All you need is a sponge, soap, a bucket of water to start with the wiping task. Make sure that your furniture is free from all spots.

This is not to impress the hired local movers Dubai but to be sure that everything is well cleaned before moving into your new home. A clean house is a safe house, so ensure that all possessions are cleaned and won’t be in any risk of damage.

Extra care for your pets and children

You have to be honest that you love your children and pets. But when they see a messy situation, they are the first one to create additional chaos. Little ones are easy to handle, look for a nearby babysitter, enroll your child with them and your battle is half won. Now, it’s the turn of your pet, you can hand them over to any of your friend or relative for a few hours to take care of them.

Even when they are inside the house, make sure that they are kept out of the way while you’re busy managing the chores. Nothing will slow down the efficiency of professional movers Dubai then a little furry friend grabbing their attention or coming midway.

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Work upon the hassles of parking

Parking leads to a lot of fights, problems and confusions on a moving day. If you have had any tussle with your neighbors in the last month, they would complain even if you take only an inch of space in their parking area. This will make you not only nervous but also angry, so always be good with your neighbors.

If you have good terms and relations with your neighbors, inform them well in advance about your move and the movers and their vehicles, so that they can help you make necessary arrangements. Make sure the truck is at a much closer distance to your home, for it will become easy for the team of cargo companies in Dubai to shift the items.

Prevent damage, ensure everything is well protected

Damage is sure to happen during the moving process if extra care steps are not taken. One wrong move while moving the household equipment might damage many other important things. So to safeguard the water pipes, the walls, edges and floor of the house – you can go an extra mile and follow some measures.

Cover the floors with blankets before the movers arrive. It will keep the mud in their slippers away. If your floor is made up of hardwood, cover them with blankets or tarp for they need extra care.

Keep the money to be given as tips handy

The robust team of professionals of best moving companies UAE has years of experience in relocating their clients in an efficient and hassle free way. Therefore, they deserve a handsome tip. There is not any specific amount that needs to be given to the movers as the tip. It is based on location, their work, their nature and efficiency. So try giving the best you can follow your budget and finances.

Instead of rushing for cash hither and thither, it is recommended to prepare the money and keep it handy before the movers arrive. You can also plan for some refreshments for them. There is never a wrong way to say thanks.

The companies specializing in moving and storage Dubai strive to make sure that at the end of the move the customer is fully satisfied. Their main aim is to exceed the level of expectations.

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