Principles and ingredients of security guard services


Security guard services play a vital role in ensuring business continuity by providing a high level of protection. They help in the maintenance of multiple layers of security and guarantee a safe environment for the employees of an organization. Let us analyze the principles and ingredients of security guard services.

Maintenance of multiple layers of protection

Security services provide multiple layers of protection. The first layer of protection is in the form of security guard services that are deployed around the boundary of a critical establishment or premises. The second layer of security is in the form of technological aids like CCTV cameras, sensors, and even infrared devices to detect movement. In case the area of the establishment is very large, different types of watchtowers may also be installed to keep night vigil. The third layer of security is in the form of a centralized watch house or control center that keeps vigil over the movement of men and material in and out of the premises. If any suspicious movement occurs, the centralized control room alerts the security guards deployed at the boundary so that they can take necessary action.

Ensuring business continuity

Security services are also necessary for maintaining business continuity. There are a lot of instances when the operations of a business are halted by riots, mob attacks, and other types of protest. It is in this context that security agencies provide protection to the employees who are deployed to work in a volatile environment or situation. In this way, a business can function in a routine manner even if the external circumstances refrain it from doing so.

Providing a safe and secure environment

Security agencies provide a safe and secure environment to all the employees working within an organization. They not only protect the employees from thefts and attacks but also ensure the safety and security of infrastructure and other critical resources of an organization.

The security guards carry out periodic security checks and other kinds of vulnerability assessments. These activities deter thieves as well as intruders who plan to carry out an attack on the organization. The presence of security services not only keeps various intruders at bay but also provides a conducive environment for employees to work in.

Minimizing losses and possible damage

Even after the deployment of security services, it is possible that intruders may breach different layers of security and try to inflict damage. The security guards are trained to act in such a way so that they can minimize losses as well as the possible damage to infrastructure and other physical assets. They are also trained to protect employees of a company and evaluate them to safe places in case of a contingency situation.

Ingredients of a robust security system

Whenever we hire security services, we give them a high level of authority to secure and safeguard our surroundings. There are a number of security ingredients that we need to know before handling the security aspects via a dedicated agency.

Security services are not only charged with providing a safe environment to the employees but they also need to maintain the continuity of different business activities. They should be able to detect various kinds of threats in advance so that necessary actions and steps can be taken in advance to prevent any security breach. As such, security services should be both preventive and protective in nature. In the protective mode, they should be able to neutralize any kind of attack as and when it occurs. In the preventive mode, the security services need to act with acumen and experience so that they can detect risk factors in the surroundings and take necessary measures to prevent a future attack. In addition to this, the security services should be able to maintain a balance between their functioning as well as the functioning of the entire organization. This means that they should not interrupt the various business processes while doing their duties. They should not only maintain a high level of independence but also be cost-effective at the same time. Finally, they should be able to maintain adequate surveillance and monitor the movement of men and material in and out of the premises.

The way ahead

Most organizations consider investment in security services as futile and costly. They are obsessed with channelizing this investment towards business expansion. However, security services have played a silent role when we look at the success of various multinationals. In one word, security services have been silent partners in a violent business environment in the last few decades and their role is inevitable in the present times.