What is Online Bank CSP?

The Government of India has sought applications for opening Bank CSP or bank mitra in many cities, districts and villages of our country for all bank csp. Therefore, those who are in search of some type of work can apply to become bank mitras and earn money every month by becoming bank mitras. It is the process for Bank Bc Apply.

What is Bank mitras?

The person who helps people to open their bank accounts, get insurance, deposit money and so on, is called Bank mitras. At the same time, to become a bank mitra, you have to work with the government and have to register yourself to become a bank mitra for all bank csp.

How it works?

People who want to become bank mitras will have to help people under the Prime Minister Jan Dhan Yojana and other schemes related to the government’s bank. For this help you will be given commission along with income.

By becoming a bank mitra, you will be connected to any bank bc apply and you will work for that bank and open accounts of people in that bank. At the same time, when you apply, you will have to choose one of the Bank of Baroda, Purvanchal Gramin Bank and State Bank of India, with whom you want to work.

The purpose of the government is to start a customer service center and connect people with their plans and help those who do not come to work related to the bank. Bank mitra will have to tell the people about the schemes related to the area of the bank and at the same time help the people to work in bank related to these schemes. For example, under the security insurance scheme, you have to insure people and all the work related to getting this insurance done, such as filling out forms, opening an account, and so on.

The names of schemes which will be given by the bank mitra to the people are as follows. They are Security Insurance Scheme, AEPS Base Banking, Jan Dhan Yojana, Atal Pension Scheme and Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojna.

Bank Mitra Benefits, Commissions and Salary

Any person will be commissioned to open an account, deposit money, withdraw money, credit card and bill payment, bank mitra will be commissioned and the commission will be based on the amount deposited by the people.

Under the Prime Minister Jan Dhan Yojna (PMJDY), a loan of Rs 1.25 lakh will be given to all the bank mitras, out of which 50,000 rupees for debt instruments, Rs 25,000 for loan work and Rs 50,000 for the loan vehicle is done. Apart from this, every month Rs 2000 to 5000 rupees will be given to bank mitra as income.

Bankruptcy Responsibility

Bank mitra’s work is to open a savings bank account under various government schemes and policies like Prime Minister Jan Dhan Yojana. Cash Deposits and Cash Withdrawals, Direct Benefits Transfer, Subsidy Transfer and Kisan Credit Card Scheme is helping people in bank work.

Services provided by Bank mitras (Services)

Many types of bank services will be provided to the people by Bank mitras, which will be linked to banking and bill pay services.

Kiosk Banking Services –

Number Service 1 Recurring Deposit 2 Term Deposit 3 Cash Deposit 4 Cash Withdrawal 5 Kisan Credit Card 6 General Purpose Credit Cards 7 ATM Co-Debit Card 8 Pass Book 9 Online Fund Transfer 10 Mutual Funds And etc.

Bill Pay Services –

Number Service 1 DTH / TV Recharge 2 Bill Payment 3 Data Card Recharge 4 Land Line Bill Payment 5 Electricity Bill Payment 6 Ticket Booking and etc.

 Important tools to become bank mitras (Equipment Requirements)

Only those people can apply for becoming a bank mitra, who will have a desktop or laptop, internet connectivity such as broadband, modem or dongle, printer, scanner and minimum 100 square feet office area. So if you do not have all these things then you can buy them.

Documents requirements

Number Document Name 1 PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Passport, Election Card and any other type of ID proof 2 Tenth Markshit. 3 Residential proofs and business address for electricity bill, telephone bill, ration card, Aadhar card, election card and so on 4 character certificates 5 passbook copy or cancellation check 6 two photo of passport size

 Who can become Bank mitras (Qualifications)

Only those people can become bank mitras, who have studied upto 10th standard and together with computer knowledge.Any person retired from the bank, a soldier, a person who runs a shop of any kind, and others who work in place are also eligible for its beneficiary.

How to Apply for Bank Mitra or CSP

  • Those who wish to become bank mitras, they will have to go through this link online by visiting https://bankmitra.org/apply/.
  • An application form will open on the above mentioned site, in which you will be asked to fill your name, what work you do, which district comes from, phone number and so on.
  • After filling this information, you have to identify ‘Processed Your Application’, and the new page will appear, go to that page and select the bank with which you wish to work.
  • After filling the form, you will have to submit it, after which the cross check of the information you filled in form and the primary verification will be done by the Department of Operations. If all the information you have is available right there, the information will be sent to your email ID and your application will be processed on BC (Business Correspondent) for registration.

Where Can Open Customers Service Center

  • You can open the customer care center in your village or city, however, if you have already opened this customer service center in your village, then you cannot open it in your village.
  • On the same site, you can visit https://bankmitra.org/vacant-place/ to see where in which places the customer care centers have not been opened and which place is still empty.
  • To get any information related to Bank mitraly and opening a customer service center, you can mail to https://bankmitra.org/contact-us/ on the e-mail given on this link and obtain the information. Can.


If you are already doing any work or are looking for a job, then you may consider becoming a bank mitra. By doing this work you will be able to help people along with earning money.

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