Need for smart transportation solutions

The Indian economy is growing at a fast pace. This rapid growth of the economy is the result of economic growth that is taking place across different sectors of the economy. The growth of the economy has pushed for the growth of a better infrastructure to support the activities of trade and commerce. One of the leading demands is to have a sound transportation network and vehicles that can address the complex transportation needs of the businesses. The vehicles that are prevalent in transportation network are not optimized to meet the specific requirements as well as they are not efficient concerning operating costs in the long run.

One of the feasible solutions to fulfil this need of the industry is to use electric rickshaw loader. This battery-operated loader is an excellent alternative to traditional loading vehicles and transports. There are number of advantages of using an e-loading vehicle instead of a conventional loading vehicle such as


One of the best features of an e-loader is that they can be customized as per the user’s needs and usage. The vehicle space can be strategically utilized to suit the complex needs of the business operations. This facility is very useful and can help to increase the operational efficiency of the supply chain. An efficient supply chain leads to a fast expansion of business operations.


The e-loading vehicles can offer the best in class operational efficiency to the operator. The low purchase cost of these vehicles is a boon for industrial units that do not need to invest a massive amount of capital to procure them. Apart from low procurement costs, these vehicles also offer low running costs. Therefore, E- loading rickshaw can be a highly efficient transportation medium for the industries.


E- rickshaw loaders come with a sturdy body that can guarantee a long service life to the user. The body of these vehicles is made using impact resistant plastics and fire retardant coatings to make them a safe travel partner for the business houses. The high-quality battery can deliver a best in class performance over extended service life.

High on tech

The e-loader vehicles are equipped with the latest technological advancements to make them a smart vehicle. Technology such as GPS, digital display, route guide system etc., is offering intelligent and easy to operate solution to the business houses.


The e-loading vehicle does not emit any pollution into the environment, and they do not harm the environment by any other means. On the other hand, the conventional vehicles emit harmful gases into the environment and cause air pollution. The pollutants emitted by these vehicles are one of the leading causes of air pollution in India. They also contribute to increasing noise pollution. Keeping the surrounding clean will provide not only short-term benefits but also promotes long-term goal of preservation of the environment. There are multiple ways to promote a healthy environment such as using paper bags instead of polythene bags, usage of e-garbage van instead of garbage van etc.

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