Must-Know Care Hacks for Your Car Batteries

The last thing you want to face in a day is your car breakdown because of a dead battery, especially when you are heading for something really important. Whether it is extremely cold or hot, it can be tough on your battery and can affect it to a great extent. So, how to care for your car batteries, so that you can use them for a longer period of time without any issues?

Although, there are many car batteries that are built robust to survive in every situation, but it is not necessary that all of them are going to be so lucky. Since, you do not want to find your car battery is dead on a hot day, find out how you can care for your car battery, so that it last longer.

Pro-Tip: Always check out the age of your battery that is usually mentioned at its case. Some brands use numeric date, while others make use of some code where a letter depicts the month and a number depicts the year. For example- “A7” is meant for “January 2017” while “G4” would mean “July 2014”.

Do not turn on your car accessories while lounging in your car

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A sudden burst of power is generated by the battery that is supplied to the ignition. This power is not supplied for providing energy, but for electronics and other devices. Alongside, the battery gets charged and alternator starts generating electricity when the engine is on. When you are not driving the car, but operating lights, radio and other electronic puts, you put unnecessary pressure on the battery. It may affect its functioning in the long run.

Avoid short rides

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You are suggested to drive your car often and for longer periods. It takes a minimum time for the car batteries to get fully charged and operate in full force. If you put your car battery to work when they are not fully functional, it will affect its performance and can also result in declining the battery life.

Store it properly when unused for a long time

Extended inactive periods could be bad for both your car and its battery. If your car is only adding aesthetic to your garage and not being used most of the times, you are advised to store the battery in a temperature-controlled chamber.  Also, put your battery on a trickle charger occasionally, as it will help to keep it operational.

Choose renowned brands

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There are many popular brands that offer an excellent range of car batteries. If you want my recommendation on the type of battery that will be best for any season, then it would be Eveready automotive battery or Solite battery. There could be more batteries that have excellent power and built-in features, but since, I have used both of them and the result was pretty good, my recommendation remains the same.

You will be happy to know that here are many trusted Solite battery suppliers in UAE that you can approach to buy car batteries at the most competitive rates. With the above-mentioned tips, I hope you will keep your car and its battery in a good shape.

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