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The world of photography is going through a rapid change in technology. We are at a point where people are trying to decide which kind of camera is best for capturing impeccable photographs. On the one hand is the DSLR patrons, who argue that the good old DSLR cameras score in terms of versatility, operation and usage, while the fans of mirrorless cameras sing about the easier handling due to a lightweight body and more faithful picture capture.

The truth is, every system will have pros and cons. But it is not hard to tell that mirrorless cameras are catching up to DSLRs and may soon win the race, especially as newer technologies are implemented.

Sigma FP Mirrorless Digital Camera

The Sigma full frame mirrorless camera is the latest release in the line of Sigma digital cameras, and it is ruffling quite a few feathers. The main reason for this is that in spite of being a full-frame camera, it is small and lightweight, accentuated by a robust aluminium body that protects it from dust and water.

Its L-mount allows it to be used with a large number of lenses. This gives it unmatched scalability. Besides this, with its 4K UHD/24fps and 12-bit CinemaDNG external recording, you will be able to capture professional-grade videos. The versatility of the camera does not end here, with the Cinemagraph function that allows you to create clever gifs out of still pictures and the multiple tones and colors options giving you even greater content possibilities. 

The camera packs in a full 24.6 megapixels, that gives truly HD pictures in all conditions. This, when coupled with the high HDR value that the camera exploits to shoot frames at multiple exposures to combine in the final result, gives images of exceptional depth and detail. The automatic face/eye detection autofocus allows you to easily shoot portraits without using any high-level skill or complex setting. The electronic shutter allows for quiet shooting and full image stabilization.

All this is topped with a UI that makes operations and transitions as smooth as butter. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, this camera will give a tough competition to any DSLR you might be looking at, in all departments.

So What Are You Waiting For?

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