Most Beautiful Spots To Visit In Romania

Romania is a country full of well-preserved history. The culture, characteristic of Romania monuments and beautiful landscapes make it a fantastic destination. You can get Cheap Flight Tickets to Romania many at times throughout the year. Romania has many unexplored, majestic mountains that hide wildlife, unimaginable natural treasures and forgotten villages; and the world-famous region (Transylvania), whose connections with vampires are far from its stunning natural beauty, not to mention the fascinating eternal traditions, charming Saxon fortresses and magnificent castles scattered throughout the landscape.

Here’s are some ofthe best places you must visit in Romania:

Danube Delta:

The Danube Delta is one of the largest and best-preserved deltas in all of Europe, with 23 ecosystems in which a huge number of plants and wildlife live. Located in Tulcea County in the Dobrogea region, the delta is a winding network of waterways originating from the Black Sea. In total, the delta is 5,165 square kilometres and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You can find roundabout 300 species of birds that visit the delta or fish in lakes and swamps to find 45 of the 45 freshwater fish species. Visit spring to avoid mosquitoes, and don’t miss the amazing sunset over the river. Airline ticket prices for Romania vary time to time but you can get your desired tickets if you dig a little deeper.

Peles Castle:

This unique example of neo-renaissance architecture is one of the biggest attractions in the country. Decorated with decorative stones, carved wood and stained glass, the castle is both charming and intimidating with its panoramic view of the Carpathian Mountains. King Carol, I built this castle at the end of the 19th century as a summer house. Today, this fabulous building serves as a museum, presenting a collection of works of art, weapons and Armor. Browse 160 rooms and terrace gardens on a guided tour of the castle.

The Black Sea Coast:

Stretching almost 275 km from the Danube Delta to Bulgaria, the Romanian Black Sea coast is dotted with numerous cities and beach resorts for all budgets and tastes. With a crowded harbour and lots of museums, shops, bars and restaurants, Constanta – an escape to the Romanian coast, is a great base if you want to explore the area. The exclusive Mamaia resort is almost glued to it – the most important summer country in the country.

Here, a long strip of fine golden sand in combination with elegant hotels attracts young and fashionable with their water sports facilities, elegant beach clubs and an exclusive party atmosphere. The resort has many shops and restaurants (both traditional and international) that ensure daytime activities, but this crazy nightlife really sets Mamaya on the map.

Bigar Waterfall:

This is probably the most unique site you can see in Romania. Located in Caras-Severin County, people all over the world come to see the amazing Bigar Waterfall with its amazing roar. The Bigar waterfall, popular in northern Romania, flows through the top of a large rounded stone, where the water is then cut into small pieces and repelled as miniature streams. This breath-taking place, which is difficult to move away from, is a must for every traveler.

This waterfall is one of a kind and people from all over the world come to Romania to see this natural wonder. You can check PIA Airline Ticket Prices to Romania to plan your visit to this magical place.


In terms of culture and nightlife, Bucharest has a lot to offer, offering fascinating museums, theatres and operas, as well as a lively bar scene and a pretty spectacular selection of elegant nightclubs. Of course, it has everything that is good, bad and ugly of any former European communist capital, but also a hunger for freedom and novelty.

This is not the safest city on Earth, but hey, it’s a big, vibrant and modern metropolis we’re talking about here, not a quaint, perfect postcard village in Switzerland. Bucharest is a city that combines old and new. This is one of the most famous places in Romania and you can get cheap flight tickets to Bucharest from many popular cities in the world.

Visitors can come across a century-old building, a modern high-rise building and a communist-style building, all in the same block.

Prahova Valley:

The Prahova Valley, located between the eastern and southern Carpathians of Romania, about 100 km north of Bucharest, is the most popular place for mountain lovers. Characterized by history, stunning natural landscapes and rich artisanal culture, this wonderful region has close links with the royal family and offers many well-equipped ski resorts where you can enjoy various types of slopes, exciting hiking and biking trails such as and a good selection traditional restaurant. The main resorts of the Prahova Valley are Predeal, Busteni, Azuga, and Sinaia.


Romania’s beauty is still a bit unexplored and that is one of the biggest reasons you can find cheap flight tickets to Romania easily. As more and more tourists travel to the capital of Bucharest and the surrounding area, they discover that friendly people, folk tales and romantic lures are very true.

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