As we all know that almost 85% of people are engaged on social media which makes social media a country of its own. Isn’t it amazing how a small mobile phone can connect us with the whole world? Everything is upgrading so why not upgrade our way of marketing and connect with people in a new and upgraded way. Mobile forces us to rethink our style, structure, and potentially the tone of our writing.  And not only that, Mobile is a very good place to connect with your customers.

Mobile marketing is one of the best ways to connect to people on a big platform. Marketing is important because it helps you sell your products or services. But when we heard mobile marketing a simple explanation came to our mind is, marketing via mobiles is mobile marketing. But this definition is not enough; in real mobile marketing is a small part of digital marketing. Mobile marketing is the act of targeting users while they’re on a mobile device. It’s typically used in conjunction with other marketing efforts so you want to think of it as multi-channel marketing. Mobile Marketing simply takes the business to the next level, helps us to scale up faster and communicate better with our audience, that’s where Digital Marketing comes handy.

   But is mobile marketing that easy? And the answer to that is no, mobile marketing requires brilliant marketing strategies. It is important to have a better marketing strategy in order to successfully run your business whether it’s marketing vis mobile or via offline sources.


There is a broad list of mobile marketing strategies which are very helpful in growing your business on a big platform i,e. Social Media. It is a multi-channel marketing strategy very useful to expand your business on a big platform and increase your reach to maximum people. Here are 7 strategies which you can use :

 1.Advertisement by a specific Mobile device

As there is a broad category of mobile phones in the market nowadays so we have to change our marketing strategy according to that. There are many apps and games which are only available for a specific type of mobile so we have to target our audience based on that. Tailor your ads keeping in mind that they’re only going to show for mobile devices for instance. And also keep an eye on your ads once they are published.

 2. Must Launch Mobile apps or create responsive sites.

Launching our own mobile app is also a very big marketing step. Mobile phones are practically used by everyone in urban society as well as Rural society. So, using mobile apps simply help people to connect with us in just one click, and not only that we can even send time to time notifications to our audience which increases the engagement. You can even create a site which is easy to read and navigate and make sure your site is mobile-friendly. And exploring other mobile app ads are also very helpful as it helps in deciding your ad format, It gives you ideas about your advertising methods.

 3. Advertisement through Facebook for mobile devices.

Facebook is a platform via which we can connect with others on a bigger level. The more the audience the better place to show ads. Choose your objective an audience based on your products and even set a budget according to your reach. Facebook is a good platform which nurtures customers, improve awareness and provide more resources, in short Facebook provides the best business to everyone. Facebook is one of the best platforms. It mostly accomplishes what you want your ad to accomplish.

      4. Advertisement in between a mobile app or game.

In this ad appears in a certain break time, these ads appear in the middle of an online video you are watching or while playing a video game. This is an easy way to reach people in a short time as all of us love to play online games or watch shows/movies. Showing ads during this time attracts more customers and is best for branding. Using a mobile app or games for advertising is an easy and cheap way.

  5. Use SMS services for business management.

In mobiles you can connect with people via messaging, you can send bulk messages in a very short time. It is the best way to connect to people who are using mobiles easily. As everyone has mobile in their hands so this is a cheap and effective way to connect with people.  Another way is G-mail marketing, via Gmail marketing you can connect to people on a broad platform as every mobile needs a Gmail account to operate so it is useful for marketing.

 6. Share video, image, and slideshow of your websites to your customer.

Post on Social Media with Hashtags, Use Landing Pages, Guest Blog, Get Listed,  advertise Online, you can share your website with your customers. These ways are helpful in increasing your reach on social media. You can even share your videos or images to stay in touch with your customers, but make sure to make them engaging enough that people will be interested to watch them. You can even make some slideshows; slideshows in celebration of your successful business years or on special occasions to interact with your customers.

       7. Mobile App advertisement through Google Mobile App Campaigns.

Google app campaigns are the campaign that allows you to easily promote your advertisement on mobiles. Google itself is a broad platform you can place your ads on different social sites with the help of Google.  Search, Google Play, YouTube, and the Google Display Network are some of the best sites where you can place your ads. Google is one of the best ways to interact with people as around 85% of people are online 24/7 and almost all of them use google to search for their queries.

Mobile marketing is a very big concept and these are just some simple explanations are given here. Read More

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