Men’s Elevator Shoes vs. Platform Shoes

People often use men’s elevator shoes and platform shoes as interchangeable terms. However, these two are entirely different. While both types of shoes are high-heel leather shoes for menthe elevator shoe serves its purpose subtly.

We have put up a guide to help you understand the critical difference between elevator and platform shoes.

What are Platform Shoes?

Often regarded as bulky shoes, they are raised and entirely flat at the same time. They have apparent thick heels that are as high as four inches. The shoe’s heel is raised relatively higher than the ball of the foot. Most platform shoe soles are made of cork, plastic, and rubber.

Platform shoes were a massive hit as men’s footwear in the past, and even today, they are worn. It adds an extra inch to your height and elevates your look.

What are Elevator Shoes?

For men who are conscious of their height and desire to look taller, elevator shoes are less bulky, and fancier high-heel leather shoes for men.

Men’s elevator shoes add a couple of inches to the wearer’s height so that it doesn’t look conspicuous. Designers achieve this purpose by embedding a height-increasing insole inside the shoe. On the other hand, conventional shoes have insoles and heels built underneath the sole.

The elevator shoes look like regular shoes and give you the height boost you want.

When you first try elevator shoes, you might feel awkward. However, you will get used to it with time, and walking in will naturally come to you.

The height booster insole is embedded in the elevator shoes at the heels. Thus, when you walk in them, your legs are positioned differently from when you walk in conventional shoes or barefoot.

Experts recommend starting with 2-inch elevator shoes to get comfortable with them. With time you can switch to higher versions.

Platform Shoe vs. Elevator Shoes

Platform and elevator shoes are height-increasing shoes but are entirely different from one another. Let’s look at some of these differences:

  • Platform shoes are bulky and are entirely flat and lifted. On the other hand, elevator shoes are less sturdy and trendy height-increasing shoes. They are comfortable and stylish. 
  • Platform shoes are not as popular as they were; however, few women still wear them. On the contrary, the demand for the popularity of elevator shoes is constantly seeing a spike.
  • Platform shoes have visible and dense soles that increase the wearer’s height. In comparison, elevator shoes have an inbuilt height-increasing insole hidden beneath the shoe’s exterior that discreetly adds a couple of inches to your height.

Some men want to buy the height-increasing shoes; however, they don’t want people to know they are wearing heeled shoes. In such circumstances, elevator shoes are an ideal choice. These height-increasing shoes affect the wearer’s posture, and you might take some time to get used to them.

Why are Elevator Shoes So Popular Among Men?

Elevator shoes have allowed men to enjoy the trend of height-increasing footwear. However, they serve more than this one purpose. We bring you the top three reasons why men prefer elevator shoes.

  • Comfortable: Elevator shoes allow men to look taller without letting the world know that they are wearing a shoe with heels. But another important reason for this preference is how comfortable these shoes are. The leading manufacturers and dealers of elevator shoes use comfortable cushions to ensure that their customer doesn’t experience pain or discomfort while walking in them.
  • Stylish & Trendy: Who doesn’t want to be part of a trend? Elevator shoes are trendy footwear that adds a powerful stance to your personality and helps you make a strong style statement. They are available in classy and fashionable designs that will accessories your outfit beautifully.
  • For Every Occasion: Whether you are searching for an elevator shoe to wear at a wedding, party, formal meeting, hiking, or to a beach, the top manufacturers and dealers will meet all your requirements. You don’t need to compromise your style to look taller.

The Bottom Line

Although men’s elevator shoes and platform shoes help you look taller, there is a world of difference between them. Choose an elevator shoe to look taller without letting the world know your secret. Additional benefits: It improves your posture.

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