Major Facts on The Acoustic Ceiling Panels

The acoustic ceiling panels are highly popular in the present times, and thus we need to figure out the reasons behind their popularity. Some level of research would certainly answer to all the queries which we probably have regarding these units.

How Acoustic Ceiling Panels Work


These panels were first developed by the interior designers who intended to find out a way to the lower ceilings in a room with the intent of deadening the noise. With their proper usage, a grid of metal strips is suspended from the room’s original ceiling. Then sound-absorbing acoustic panel is dropped in the sections which are created by the grid. These ceilings, apart from deadening the sound, can also very well hide the unsightly fixtures, like the pipes, wires etc. These are often not concealed in the basements and older buildings.

The overall popularity of the acoustic ceiling panels reached its height in the sixties and the trend continued to grow till the 1980s. They originally contained asbestos which gives them the characteristics that they have. But now, many people hire specialists in order to remove the asbestos from the ceiling panels and then replace them with several other alternate materials in order to restore the rooms to the original bare ceilings.

The most prominent advantage of acoustic ceiling panels is that they absolutely do not dampen the noise in between the floors of a building. They can be easily painted and thus the ceiling can be matched easily with the existing palate or décor of your room.

However, there are certain drawbacks as well. If the panels get wet, they get stained and also the pooling water which accumulates on the top is most likely to seep any time. When these panels are stained, they look terrible and the water stains can’t be bleached to restore the original look.

Replacement of Ceiling Tiles

If you are willing to replace any or a few of the ceiling tiles, then this is an easy job indeed. These panels can be used for fixing up a room quite fast. You can probably do a lot of construction by simply hanging a grid from down a bad looking ceiling, and then hanging a few ceiling tiles. The concerned room will instantly start to look new and the job would be done in a fraction of the cost of the traditional way of repairing an old ceiling.

When to Consider Installation

For various ceiling requirements, you can consider installing these acoustic panels on your ceiling. Think about all of your priorities when you are building or renovating a ceiling. There are several parameters which need to be reviewed like whether you wish to reduce down the level of sound/noise between the floors in the concerned building, or whether you want to renovate your old ceiling without investing a big amount. These ceiling panels are usually substitutable and also cheap to be maintained. You can paint the ceiling at any time in order to match it with the existing décor of your room. When you are willing to renovate your old ceiling and make it look like a brand new one, then you should ideally choose acoustic ceiling panels within an affordable investment.


For all your ceiling needs, you are the right person to determine which is the best ceiling that suits your interiors. Acoustic ceiling panels are highly effective in providing sound-proof environment in your interiors, and also for renovating your ceiling within an affordable budget. By adopting these panels, you will also enjoy several flexibilities which you would surely appreciate. So, contact your building expert and know your options.

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