Looking to Make a Career in Nursing? Know These Facts First

Any sector no matter from the bottom to the top, it does not provide handsome employment opportunities is not working pursuing after all. The fact that some sectors provide outstanding job promises while others don’t, is undoubtedly true. There’s no denying the fact that the principle of job security and compensation always works by the demand and supply rule. This is the rule of the thumb that applies to every sector from the food industry, to the service industry, and from the healthcare industry to even the multimedia industry.

 Recently I have received a large number of queries from nursing students who were studying in various nursing colleges in Jaipur. They all were but curious about one fact that whether they have stepped onto a sleeping mine that might surprisingly blast or they have chosen the right sector and will be awarded by a flower bed when they go out and search for a job. In a nutshell, those students were quite anxious about their future. Some of them were not sure if nursing is a promising field, and the others were counting it as an average-paying industry where job security is never guaranteed.

I was quite surprised by their questions and of course, their half-baked pancakes of doubts, I disregarded the fact that healthcare is a slow sector or an unpromising one. While I modified their second question that was about considering it as a flower bed. Well, as a student counselor, my job is to get students out of their fears and false dreams as well. Nursing or any other healthcare area be it doctors, physical therapists, psychologists, or dentist – none of them are pieces of cake. And, the universal truth is, no matter a certain field on how much boom, there will always be a need for these three qualities in the aspirant – punctuality, experience, and expertise. If you have these three, any job will definitely seem like a flower bed to you. If you don’t, even the simplest task will appear extremely daunting.

The first doubt about the healthcare industry being not so full of opportunities was completely absurd. In fact, the truth is completely the opposite. The healthcare industry indeed is the most-blooming and grooming industry of all time after the IT. The number of innovations in this industry is going out of the horizon. A lot of technologies have come ahead to be combined in a single healthcare entity or machinery. The manual work of the doctors and nurses is winding down while the complete industry is getting more and more dependant on innovation, creativity, and advanced-machinery. As a result of this sudden boom, the number of vacancies for various posts is being rolled out with the speed of light. If you have pursued nursing or MBBS as your education, consider yourself in the good books of the recruiters. On a side note, since the hiring and retaining healthcare staff is a very tough job, hospitals, private clinics, and other patient care facilities seem to keep their employees in terms of salary and association.

If you were having doubts about whether to step into the healthcare field or not or if yes then which fields offer the best success path, we have added the top jobs in the healthcare sectors in 2020 to wind down your worries and hard work. The first and the always in-demand job in the medical industry is being a nurse. There is a regular shortage in any medical facility of nurses. And hence, the pay scale and opportunities arise. The second job can be of a physician assistant. There aren’t enough physician assistants in not only urban areas but also in rural areas as well. And this fact applies nationwide.

The professional who has been working in healthcare understand the enticement that comes with the job. Apart from the long-term association with the hospitals and other facilities, the in-hand salary you would be receiving will also be stunningly high. If you are not jumping into the core medical field such as a specialist doctor, you won’t even spend your entire life span in a college as well. Upon completing your education, you will be rewarded with a license.

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