List of services provided by stockbrokers in India

Stock market investing has become a lucrative business in modern times. People all over the world want to invest in one or other form of security to earn returns on them. They are very securities which individual can invest in like shares of ventures. All the securities are actively traded on the online stock market and can be invested in with the help of stockbrokers. Stockbrokers act as a middleman who helps individual teachers and large stock market investing in companies by providing various services. They help individual traders by providing necessary services that make the process of stock market investing completely hassle. Best Stockbrokers in India ensures their services are provided with complete efficiency so that individual traders and large corporal bodies are benefited upon the adoption of the services.

Investing in the stock market securities requires a lot of patience, skill, and knowledge. Moreover, with the digitization of stock market securities and the process of stock market investment, an individual has to open a demand account with specified regulatory bodies to deal in digitized or dematerialized stock market securities. An individual can hire services provided by almost every type of stockbroker whether a full-time service broker or a discount broker. The only difference between a full-time service broker and a discount broker is the Extent and scope of services provided to him to be treated. Every stockbroker charges a fee for the services which is termed as brokerage. There are various types of services which an individual can receive from a stockbroker:

  • Agency services:

Stockbrokers serve both individual Traders and large corporate bodies who are engaged in the stock market investment business. They provide agency services like collection of subscription amount upon floating the shares of the company and providing necessary information to the investors and companies regarding over and under subscription of the shares floated by the company.

  • Underwriting services:

Stockbrokers provide underwriting services for large corporate bodies that have floated their shares in the primary market. Underwriting is the process of investing in shares of a company that have been undersubscribed by individual traders and investors. Stockbrokers provide underwriting services under which they are willing to subscribe for the shares floated by the company In return for a commission depending on the volume of subscription.

  • Assistance in buying and selling of shares on the online stock market:

Stockbrokers help individual traders by providing them required assistance and guidance services for buying and selling of shares available on the online stock market. They help individual traders and investors by providing the necessary information regarding happenings all around the world and real-time market information which can make the process of stock market investment easy.

Best stock brokers in India provide all such services at the lowest cost possible so that both the brokers and individual traders are benefited from their services. Moreover, various stockbrokers have started to provide annual and monthly subscription plans under which One can invest in any number of shares and approach a particular broker for any type of service by paying a single amount of free monthly and even yearly.

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