Life coach training Canada

A life coach is a person who is instrumental in making you identify your goals and formulate plans to achieve them. As we all know that to perform as a world class athlete you need great support, perfect diet and exercise with the insight of a coach. Similarly in case of life you need a certain amount of coaching to get the desired results.

The definition of a life coach varies depending upon what your goals exactly are. The typical job of a life coach includes providing his clients with perspectives and valuable insights about life. A life coach counsels his clients on a wide range of personal as well as professional issues. It is not the same as giving advice, mentoring, providing administrative therapy as well as consulting. People hire life coaches to help them with specific goals and transitions. The life coach analyzes your present situation and makes decisions based on evaluations.

A life coach works to identify all those obstacles and pessimistic belief systems that are limiting you from reaching your goal. A life coach has to undergo proper training to gain a license. It is not easy to become a life coach. There are several institutes such as the life coach training Canada which provides and builts in you the potentialities to become a life coach.

The typical job of a life coach includes:

  • Using the expertise to modify the goals accordingly
  • Enhance the accountability of the client to increase their productivity.
  • Encourage the growth and the self discovery of the client.
  • Formulate a vision for the client by identifying, creating and clarifying the needs of the clients.

Qualities of a life coach

Here are some of the essential qualities instilled by life coach training Canada:

  1. Maintain a healthy and positive attitude- The first and the foremost quality that you as a life coach should develop is a positive attitude. Your positive attitude will work wonders in inspiring your clients and your belief in them.
  2. Be passionate- There should always be a desire for helping people be there in you. Otherwise you won’t be able to carry on for long. Moreover this will allow you to understand the needs and desires of your clients well enough.
  • Have good listening skills-Life coaching is all about listening to your clients. You need to have insight about their journey and understand and feel the issues of the clients.
  • Be non-judgemental- One of the most crucial things that you need to do in order to become a good life coach is drop all your judgements. The world is filled with a variety of people, it is not mandatory that your opinion will be similar to all of them. Therefore the first thing you should consider is being non judgemental.
  • Have good observation- As a life coach your job is to analyse the difficulties and find solutions for your clients. In order to do so you will need to observe their situation, their mindset and belief system.
  • Be challenging- The best coaches often challenge their clients to get a deeper insight into their issues and challenges. The coach usually challenges their clients in a manner that causes them to face the reality and take measures.

Normally people who take the services of a life coach are basically faltering in one or more areas of life or just for the purpose of improvement. Issues revolving spirituality, health, marriage or self development are some of the common things that a life coach usually deals with. To become a life coach you require proper training, experience and education. All these are provided by the life coach training Canada.

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