Learn More About the Benefits of Using Antiviral Plywood at Home

Plywood is a popular building material that has evolved over centuries and every innovation brings it closer to becoming the perfect building material for all your requirements. It can be used for exterior and interior use, be it for your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or even dining area, and adds a touch of class to your home. Antiviral plywood quickly became popular as it was not only the need of the hour, but it also offers good value for your money. On top of this, architects, builders, and interior designers prefer this material as it is easy to work with, light in weight, durable and long-lasting, moreover it ensures safety during carpenter work.

When it comes to ViroKill furniture, the cross bonded veneersin plywood are bonded with superior resins which make it tougher and less susceptible to warping, expansion, shrinkage, and delamination. It also has special nanotechnology embedded in its structure which can kill more than 99% of viruses, bacteria, and other microbes effectively. These are highly energized particles and ensure a high level of safety, especially in places with a lot of traffic. In short, it is an ideal investment and will last you for years to come.

Here are some more useful features which make antiviral plywood ideal for your space.

Effects that last a lifetime

Unless the surface is chemically or physically damaged, ViroKill will remain active in the furniture for a lifetime. The nanoparticles are embedded in the polymer matrix system in such a way that even if it’s cleaned it cannot be removed and can protect your furniture and other plywood surfaces for a long period of time. The ViroKill content does not get affected by normal exposure to sunlight, moisture or high and low-temperature conditions which means that it remains stable and consistent unless you use harmful chemicals on its surface, which is why it’s normally recommended to clean it with a dry microfibre cloth and a gentle detergent if needed.


One of the main reasons people get cautious about ViroKill furniture is that they assume that it’s toxic to children, elderly people, and pets. But you don’t need to fear. ViroKill effectively kills only viruses, bacteria, and other microbes and is non-hazardous to human beings and animals alike – even if they touch it. It offers complete A4 protection, which stands for antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial.

Easy maintenance

Maintenance is required for every piece of furniture but with virus kill furniture, you don’t need to stress out a lot as it does not require constant cleaning. You can clean it a couple of times with a dry soft microfibre cloth or even a gentle detergent if required should be enough. Never use any harsh cleaning agents on your furniture surface as you could end up ruining it.

The Takeaway

ViroKill plywood can be used in every corner of the house from the kitchen to the living areas, and even your bathroom, and is preferred by architects, carpenters, contractors, and interior designers as it is light in weight, versatile, and can be safely installed with no hassle. It comes in different variants across price points so that you can pick the best one for your budget.


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