India is recognized as one of the budding countries in the agricultural sphere. Known as one of the largest Dairy industries, India’s Dairy Food Industry has indeed witnessed transformations, advancements, enhancements, and growth over the past few years. The Dairy Equipment used in the industry for the analysis of milk and its components is way more advanced than the traditional methods of Dairy Farming, which ruled the Dairy Industry. 

India relies majorly on the agriculture and dairy industry. The priority sector is thereby consumed by the dairy farm industry which has led to an increase in productivity and performance. The latest Dairy Equipment such as the Milk Analyzer, Butyrometer, Automatic Milk Collection Unit has contributed in lending their excellent features in enabling an improved dairy procedure like never before. 

Owing to the introduction of technological advancements in the Dairy Industry, the sector has witnessed an immense change which has improved in intensifying the quality of milk and has accurately guaranteed fair milk proceedings. The latest Dairy Equipment has eased a load of manpower with their automation. There has been a series of increased productivity because of these milk testing equipment which has contributed in benefitting the dairy farm industry to the fullest. 



An Ultrasonic Milk Analyzer is one of the most trending and advanced forms of Dairy Equipment that performs the process of measuring the percentage of FAT and SNF content in the milk sample along with a check on the proportion of water while calculating the milk density. 

  • Calculates the Fat Content:

This device is useful in accurately measuring the milk fat in the milk sample with a measurement scale which can vary depending upon the variations in the milk type. 

  • Snf:

The Milk Analyzer is used to calculate the Solid nonfat in the milk sample and therefore delivers an accurate result. 

  • Milk Density:

This Milk testing Equipment is useful in telling us about the actual milk density in the milk sample, based on the milk variations.

  • Smooth Operation:

Milk Analyzer is one of the most easily operated Dairy Equipment which assures ease in cleaning and conducting all the important procedures. 

  • Water Proportion:

The Milk Testing Equipment checks the amount of water in the milk sample. It delivers an accurate result about the percentage of water in the sample which can range between 0%-60%.


Another latest Dairy Equipment which has advanced the way for the Dairy Industry is Butyrometer. This Milk Testing Equipment is used to measure the fat contents in the milk samples or milk in general. The method which is compatible in its determination is the Gerber’s method which was invented by Nicklaus Gerber, a Swiss Chemist. 

There are various types of Butyrometer such as:

  1. Cream Butyrometer according to National Standards
  2. Precision Milk Butyrometer
  3. Milk Butyrometer Original Gerber 
  4. Milk Butyrometer acc. to national standards 

How to Read a Butyrometer

  1. Use a 10ml acid pipette to transfer sulfuric acid, 10ml in the butyrometer
  2. The 10.75 ml milk pipette is filled with water and the sample is delivered to the butyrometer
  3. Add 1 ml of amyl alcohol
  4. Place the device in water for about 4-5 minutes
  5. Dry the device with a cloth and place it in a centrifuge, place two butyrometers opposite, and centrifuge for about 4 minutes
  6. Stop the devices in the water for about 3-4 minutes
  7. The next step involves bringing the lower end of the fat column to the main graduation mark by withdrawing the stopper 


An Automatic Milk Collection Unit is one of the most efficient and effective Dairy Equipment which is specially designed as well as integrated as a unit, combining several functions under a milk collection center. This Milk Testing Equipment is useful for milk collection centers as it also records the summary of the milk supplied at regular intervals. 

This type of Milk analyzing equipment is capable of conducting between 120-150 samples per hour. Automatic Milk Collection Unit comprises an electronic milk weighing unit, data processor unit, electronic milk tester as its components. 



  • Highly economical and fast
  • Instant and accurate measurement of milk weight 
  • Centralized testing and payment 
  • Measurement of milk fat
  • Performs 120-150 samples per hour 


Weight Measurement– Approximately 0-100kg

Fat Analysis– 0-13%

Power Supply– AC 220-240 Volt, 50 Hz. 


Looking at the benefits, uses, procedures, and methods used in the Latest Dairy Equipment, the Dairy Industry is positively said to enhance and grow even more. It is indeed true that the introduction of technology in the dairy sector has truly reaped major benefits because of the roles played by these various milk testing equipment. 

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