Laptop Buying Guide – What to Look for When Buying A Laptop On EMI?

Comfort is the most important point to consider when you are looking to purchase a laptop. A laptop should ideally be lightweight, and yet be able to run the latest applications smoothly. Purpose is another thing you must keep in mind – it is either for leisure and gaming experience, or serious work. While RAM and ROM is a crucial feature to look for, size and resolution are equally vital features. If you want to raise your gaming experience to the next level, your laptop needs to have a platform, which can support the specs that the latest games need. Battery and the operating system are other preferences which vary from person to person.

 Things to Consider While Buying a Laptop

Screen Size

The size of the screen can range from anywhere between 11 inches to a full-fledged 17 inches. Portability is the primary option hence you would want to make sure they are thinner and lighter. Therefore, depending on your needs, look for a screen size between 12 to 13 inches, with a weight up to a maximum of 1.5 Kgs.


Next up, RAM is an essential feature to consider if you like watching movies and web series. While some laptops offer 8GB to 16 GB of RAM, if you want to use your laptop for gaming, you should consider a laptop with up to 32 GB of RAM.

Type of Processor

Processing units with Intel Core up to i7 can be found in larger screen sized laptops only. If you are buying a 15 to 16-inch laptop, you would get a better graphics card and even better USB ports. Brands like Lenovo and Asus are some of the ones which are slimmer and yet deliver top-class performances.

Graphic Resolution

HD and 4K resolution screens are suitable if you want to have a world-class video experience. However, such resolutions would also be more expensive as compared to the full HD (1920×1080 pixels) ones. If you are an aspiring photographer of videographer, accuracy of colours and HDR is something you should look for.

Keyboard Quality

If you are more into freelancing writer or in the middle of writing a new book, you should look for the keyboard quality. For a better typing experience, the keys must be comfortable and easy to press. If you are comfortable with touch screens, make sure their responsiveness is adequate.

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Laptop Shopping Made Easier

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