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When you reform your home, one of the decisions that is more difficult is the choice of flooring, especially if you decide to put a wooden floor, because the supply that exists in the market is very wide depending on your placement system, type of maintenance they require, quality and price. As per the floor costing, and designer effect of various materials, you can use wooden flooring cost calculator, but when it comes to the products – the choice is yours.

Solid deck wooden floor

It is the traditional system for installing wooden floors. The boards are usually made of solid wood, elongated, and are nailed on wooden battens resting on the well-leveled ground. The finishing treatment of the platform on battens is always carried out “in situ”, at the end of its installation the boards are stabbed, sanded and applied matt, glossy or gloss varnishes, according to the customer’s choice.

Its main features are:

  • Its placement requires more time and knowledge than parquet
  • The parquet flooring is for the whole life due to its great resistance since it is repairable and renewable
  • The variety of wood that is used is extensive, being the most frequent – oak, beech, jatova, etc.
  • The platform nailed on battens presents a certain sound of the tread

Parquet floors in glued wood

The glued parquet responds to a system of traditional placement formed by solid wood slats that adhere to a firm, flat and level ground by means of special tails, allowing to form geometric figures. The finishing treatment of the glued parquet is always done “in situ”. After the installation the boards are stabbed, sanded and matt, or gloss varnishes are applied.

Its main features are:

  • This system requires a lower height, making it more suitable for housing rehabilitation
  • Glued parquet is for life because of its great resistance because it is repairable and renewable, because it is built with solid wood
  • Its placement allows you to create or combine shapes and patterns, such as the spike, broken cane, diagonal, tile with block, checkerboard, etc., or the traditional placement in parallel

Floating multi-layer wood parquet

The multilayer floating parquet floor is one of the most common floorings in homes nowadays. It consists of three layers of stable wood, combined with a protective finish. The superficial layer is of noble wood of between 2 mm and 4 mm, that is mounted on others of greater thickness, glued and united to each other by edges with a parietal tongue and groove.

Its main features are:

  • It can be installed on the existing floor, provided it is level
  • Its installation is clean and fast, because it comes from the factory sanding and varnishing
  • It is repairable, its protective layer can be renewed with a polish every 10 years
  • It is partially renewable, depending on the manufacturer

Imitations of wood: Laminate flooring

The laminate floors are a product formed by particles pressed to create a board timber, which is sticking a printed photographic paper of an image, which can be a photo of a white wood effect vinyl flooring, ceramics, and marble. Depending on the number of layers, provide a different degree of strength. This is one of the most use wooden flooring in the world.

Its main features are:

  • Visual appearance that imitates wood
  • Different degrees of resistance depending on the number of layers of hardening resins applied to them
  • It can be installed on the existing floor, provided it is level
  • There are also vinyl floors that come with an adhesive and stick directly on the existing smooth surface
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