Know the types of water systems needed at your home for water purification

While you have decided to go for the water purification system at your home, it is better to know the things which are required to see when you are going choose the type of system which is needed to be installed at your home. There are many things which you need to know before buying a water system and they are mentioned below in this article. They will help you in making an informed decision and fulfill the purpose of getting water purification at home. So before choosing the system, let’s look at the types of water purification systems which are there in the market:

  • RO water purification

In the RO water purifier, the water pushed through the RO membrane by using a high-pressure pump. This high pressure provides the force which makes the water cross RO membrane. The invisible impurities which make the water hard, salty such as arsenic, sodium RO water purifier are used to remove them.

  • UV Water Purification

The ultraviolet rays are used in UV water purifier to deactivate microorganisms and pathogen which may cause water-borne diseases. These kinds of purifiers are used to kill microorganisms and pathogens but they are not able to make soft water from the hard water.

  • Activated Carbon Water purification

Another type of water purification includes activated carbon water purifier which is made up of charcoal granules. It helps in absorbing pesticides and herbicides. These kinds of water purifiers worked without electricity. They remove the chemical such as chlorine which is present in water when passing through carbon granules. Using these purifiers, you can improve the taste of water and also it helps in removing the bad smell.

So these were the types of systems which are out there. Below is the guide of which type of water purifier should be sued for the flowing problems. 

  1. If the water is Hard, underground water or drawn from bore wells, or supplied from Tankers and it also contains High bacteria and viruses in, then RO+UV type of water systems are generally used.
  2. If the water is Hard, underground water or drawn from bore wells, or supplied from Tankers and it also contains low bacteria and viruses in, then RO type of water systems can be enough
  3. If the water is Soft water which usually comes from rivers, lakes, rain harvesting or supplied by the municipality and it also has bacteria and viruses, then UV type of water systems can be used.

Well, these are the things which you can take care while buying a water purification system. But the best way to select any water purifier is by getting your sample water checked in a laboratory which will give you an accurate idea of which type of water purification you should use for which type of water. You can also call these water purification system providers and get the sample checked. For this, you can call on aquaguard toll free number and get all the advice from them.

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