What should you know about branded tyre features

Good quality tyres are essential for the safety of every vehicle. No matter how powerful engine is fitted in your car and how sophisticatedly you drive it, the overall performance of your vehicle depends on the traction of rubber on the road. Thick tread enhances grip and traction and enables drivers to drive efficiently even in adverse environmental condition. In contrast to that thin tread is unable to perform under severe conditions and becomes dangerous even under normal driving conditions.

Besides performing a crucial role to provide a safe driving experience, tyres are not given much attention when it comes to conducting care and maintenance. They need more attention than maintaining proper tire pressure and replacement of damaged piece. Having been made from rubber, they tend to wear out upon regular exposure to sunlight and friction against the road. When it comes to purchasing a new pair for an automobile, people tend to make a common mistake. Instead of choosing quality pieces from brands like   Good Year tyres in Dubai, they opt for affordable brands.

Here I am sharing a general classification and few essential features of branded tyres to help you pick a piece from suitable brand instead of looking for discounted pieces.

Premium Tyres

Premium means high-quality pieces made from high-quality rubber. You can confidently purchase them if you want to enjoy a noise-free drive with significantly improved traction, reduced stopping distance and improved fuel economy. In short, premium variety manufactures ensure to provide quality and performance after using the latest technology. All leading brands fall in the category of premium tyres.

Mid-range Tyres

Mid-range pieces are also called quality tyres, which are manufactured purposefully to meet the highest standards. In fact, these are high-quality pieces made by regular manufacturer in a way to fulfil detailed specification and characteristics of original equipment or pieces fitted in a new vehicle. To satisfy the quality standards, manufacturers rigorously test these pieces to ensure the quality and standards to meet vehicle requirements.

Durability, longevity, excellent performance under intense conditions and excellent grip on uneven roads are the key features of mid-range brands. Moreover, enhanced performance and durability of the product translate into monetary benefits. Affordable prices make them fantastic choice for those looking for alternative solutions.

Budget Tyres

Though the name of the manufacturer is not recognised and well known, final product manages to satisfy the standards of quality tyre manufacturers. They are also known as economical tyres due to their reasonable prices. Budget variety is suitable for auto owners who are seeking for quality at affordable prices. Quality of final product differs due to the quality of raw material used in manufacturing. However, they are capable of offering consistent support to steering to remain responsive along with good grip in dry and wet roads. Budget varieties are a good alternative for those looking for quality pieces at budget prices.

Endnote: Before you purchase branded pieces like Good Year tyres in Dubai, you should do some research to review the features of branded products to make a practical choice for your vehicle without overspending your money.

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