Key Features that Make Boarding Schools So Attractive and the Best Place to Learn

Boarding schools teach young children to be self-reliant, independent & socially adjusted in an environment where they get to live and interact with other children. This leads to better social skills development from a young age, teaching children to be responsible for their own chores, and learn how to manage their time. It also helps develop more patience in them, when they spend most of their recreational time and classes together.

Discipline, independence, and responsibility are three of the key traits that are acquired in boarding schools besides others. The top residential schools in India are an ideal option for children who are happy & willing to become independent learners and have a better personality.

Benefits of boarding and residential schools

All boarding schools teach children to not only become mindful but also learn how to share and rely on themselves for their own items and cleanliness and actions. The environment of the boarding school challenges children to sharpen their interpersonal skills, making them highly adept at navigating life socially as well as strategically in the later years.

  • A characteristic that is prevalent in boarding schools, amongst others, is that children must learn how to prioritize homework, activities, and socializing with others. They understand how to face challenges and look for solutions for any obstacles that they face.
  • Respecting others and their boundaries is another key lesson to learn while staying in a boarding. Understanding diverse cultures and developing a healthy mindset are essential factors that will help develop a healthy mindset for the younger generation.
  • Research finds that faculty of boarding and residential schools are generally more educated and have more professional experience. The other point to note here is that teachers are available round the clock for residential schools, and that may allow them able to interact with the teachers after school hours for any doubts. Being on the campus twenty-four hours means that a lot of the extra time is conserved by residential school students as compared to regular day school students who may spend commuting or going out with friends. This definitely does not mean that children do not enjoy themselves; they do, albeit in different ways than day school students.
  • Boarding schools are great places to reap success or fail and provides the perfect environment to learn. Communal activities that center around the child’s growth and development are required to give structure and increase curiosity. A child that is attending day school is simply not challenged enough to develop the same peer skills as boarding school children. At a time when technology has taken over our lives, communal activities and interaction are extremely important for personal growth.
  • Generally, the boarding school has smaller class sizes, allowing the teachers to focus on individual students in the same way. Research finds that students are more motivated to study for exams and tests in boarding schools than in regular day schools.
  • Residential schools teach children how to resolve conflicts peacefully and without any physical force. While days school children often spend time alone after school or spending time with friends that is unsupervised due to lack of parental guidance, boarding school ensures that children mind their behaviour and habits, all the time.

Whatever the reason may be for opting for a boarding school for a child, it is understood that good education ensures that the child is learning not just through studies, but also through activities, social interaction, sports, competitions, maintaining discipline and following a structure.

It is important to understand for parents, that children have good and bad influences throughout their development stage until they reach adulthood. The best international school in India will allow them to push boundaries to become the best version of themselves that they can be.  An environment that is challenging in terms of academics, abundance in arts and athletic activities, in a structured and supervised manner is what is going to mold the future generations of our country.

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