Is Chewing Ice Bad for Your Teeth?

It is a very common habit to chew ice mindlessly. In the month of summer, people take a lot of interest in chewing it. But your gums, enamel and teeth can get damaged after eating it. A lot of people suggest not to eat it. However, this entrenched habit cannot be given up easily. For fixing the teeth that are damaged with ice you need to know about a number of things.

How can your teeth get damaged after eating ice?

Your teeth can be chipped or cracked if you will chew it. Your enamel can also get damaged with this. Cavities and tooth decay can occur because of this and to the cold and hot things your sensitivity can get increased. More problems can occur after chewing it. Veneers, crowns, fillings and several other dental work can get damaged because of this. Therefore, we can’t consider the habit of chewing it as a very good one. Now how can you get rid of this bad habit?

Instead of chewing on ice you can go for a number of alternatives

There are some tricks which you can try so as to get rid of this bad habit of chewing ice:

1.Melt the ice – If you take frosty cubes in a glass for the purpose of crunching then it will be good for you to allow a slow melting of the cubes in your mouth. It will still refresh and satisfy you. As compared to eating so many cubes in the glass, the melting ice will stay for a longer time in your mouth.

2.Don’t get tempted – Suppose you go to a restaurant and you want to have some drinks then don’t include this in drinks. Avoid chewing it too. It is possible to avoid a particular quantity of filth if in the restaurant you skip it. There can be lots of bacteria present in it which are generally not cleaned by the cube makers.

3.Use slush ice – Use this softer type in place of regular cubes. Use a nugget or soft one, slushies and shaved one. As compared to the regular stuff, it is slushier.

4.Try to identify the reason behind your habit of chewing it – Consult a dentist if you can’t resist eating crunchy ice. Because of iron deficiency your body may crave for chewing it. Here you can get help by taking iron supplements.

5.Switch your habit of eating crunchy ice – It gives you a great feeling when you chew it. You can have a cooling sensation. It gives you a feeling of crunchiness. It will be good for you to eat apple pieces, cucumber pieces and carrot sticks whenever you crave eating crunchy ice. All these food items are crisp and very good. Eating crunchy vegetables and fruits has a lot of other benefits also. A lot of saliva will be produced in your mouth when you will chew these fibrous materials. With this your mouth will get cleaned naturally. Your teeth will have a scrubbing experience with the fiber particles.

Your oral health cannot be good and a lot of problems can be created if you have a common habit of chewing it. It can be quite challenging for you to quit chewing this. Instead of chewing it, chew some other crunchy foods and check if these food items can take its place. If still you cannot quit this bad habit then consult a dentist. He will provide you assistance.

For quitting this bad habit of chewing ice, I will go to the Dental clinic near me. He will guide me on how to quit this bad habit.

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