Internal or External Hosting for Your Company Intranet Portal

Enterprise intranet portal hosting can be a challenge. Usually companies prefer externally cloud based hosted intranet software as they lack the required IT staff or infrastructure to run them. Or just don’t want to take the burden of data security.

This article explains the advantages and disadvantages of intranet external hosting to a company

We may first start with the disadvantages of external intranet hosting.

• External intranet hosting should be extremely secured and available for prompt support. If the hosting company which is providing your employee data on cloud lacks this, your company’s eminence can be over blown.

• Lack of experienced and qualified support team, server maintenance team, backup space, internal bandwidth, etc. can again affect the speed of work and thus affect your company’s productivity. Thus, demotivating your employees to work proficiently.

• Cloud intranet solutions can turn out to be an expensive affair in the long run.

• Finding a reliable and reasonable host company is a daunting task with so many vendors available online. It may take a considerable amount of time searching around and comparing to find a host suitable for your intranet at the cost best fitted for your organization.

• Technical and user support again is a big challenge. If your employees don’t get that support from your hosting provider on the go, it may delay their tasks and so your company productivity and deliverables would be at the mercy of a third-party technical support staff.

So, we read about the disadvantages, but there are a lot of external hosting advantages too. That’s the reason why major companies outsource their intranet hosting or shift to cloud intranet solutions

• External intranet hosting allows IT department employees to focus on the design and content element of company intranet than solving niche hosting related issues of each and every employee.

• The burden of security, software upgrades and backups of company intranet data are taken over by the hosting company.

• Enterprises generally have Inter-Company Politics  and getting an entire company to agree to “buy in” to the intranet software and setting up server for same is critically important decision. Cloud hosting solutions are usually approved faster.

At Creative Social Intranet, we have offered intranets for various clients from varied locations. We have setup cloud intranet solutions as well as on premise intranet setup with integrations.

Do you need help in determining the best intranet hosting solution for your company?

Creative is at your rescue. Weprovide hybrid intranet solution for companies with employees scattered in multiple locations. You can install the software on company LAN where there are maximum employees working and provide cloud intranet solutions with a single URL to be accessed online from employees scattered geographically.

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