Innovative Methods of Hair Restoration

Hair transplant is a process where natural or synthetic hair is implanted into the balding area to restore the original look of a thick-haired head. Turkey hair implant services will restore the patient’s confidence, and if done properly, it can create a natural looking hairline. The two innovative methods of hair implant are follicular unit transplant technique (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE).

The best treatment for a diminishing hairline varies according to the unique needs of the patient. These may include their medical condition, the hair implant price, recovery time, scar appearance, among others. Patients have various options to choose from when it comes to treating hair loss. But before this happens, you should consult a physician to help you determine a more comprehensive and personalized treatment plan that will restore the thinning areas and also stop the progression of hair loss.

Follicular Unit Transplant Technique (FUT)

Follicular Unit Transplant technique, also known as Strip harvesting, is a surgical method for restoring hair and requires a lot of expertise to achieve desired results.  It involves removing a strip of hair from a donor area (usually at the back of the head).

A donor area is a place on the scalp that has been found to have healthy growing hair resistant to the hormone causing hair loss. The hair follicles are then curled from the strip and implanted into the balding area. Harvesting entails placing the strip under specialised high-powered microscopes and dividing it into tiny follicular units.

The donor strip site is usually closed using small stitches which are removed after 10-14 days. It leaves a scar that is somehow detectable since the surrounding donor hair generally covers it. Tiny incisions are made into the balding area which directs the density, angle, and direction of the transplanted hair. Grafts are then carefully placed in the sites using fine forceps. The pain-free process takes between 4 – 12 hours depending on the size of the balding area. The new hairs will start growing naturally after four months of the surgery.

FUT is an effective hair loss treatment option, although not suitable for everyone. People with certain disorders are not eligible for this treatment. Your doctor can discuss this during your consultation.

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Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Follicular Unit Extraction is a one-by-one removal of follicular units from a patient’s donor area, usually at the back and sides of the head. The procedure involves a small incision into the skin surrounding the follicular unit separating it from the surrounding tissue. The follicular unit is plucked from the scalp leaving an open hole. This is a repetitive process to gather enough follicular units that will restore hair to the balding area. The procedure takes between one hour to two days depending on the patient’s needs.

FUE hair transplant is recommended for younger patients and people with conditions that can cause scarring or poor healing issues. It’s because this method of hair restoration transplants follicles individually, helping to prevent healing, scarring and recovery issues. With FUE, the affected areas heal faster. The only flaws with FUE are that it may not last long since follicular units are harvested over a range of areas making the donor zone to keep thinning and exposing scars. Also, the process causes graft issues such as capping and buried grafts that occur when a graft is pulled during extraction. Turkey hair implant will cost a certain amount and may not be affordable to all.

Getting your hair transplanted is a personal decision as well as a huge investment. For you to go ahead and make a well-informed decision, the best thing to do is to consult with your physician and explore your options.

What are the Factors Shaping Istanbul Hair Transplant?

There are a number of options available when one is opting for Istanbul hair transplant. If a person chooses the FUT method over FUE, it should be kept in mind that the former will leave visible scars on the scalp.

Coming to the point, in terms of cost, any hair transplant procedure depends on the following factors:

  • Method of hair transplant chosen
  • The overall experience and track record of the attending surgeon
  • The thickness of the donor’s hair
  • Number of grafts one needs

It is best to refrain from choosing a pocket-friendly alternative when it comes to hair transplant since the internet is filled with stories about how one ended up with visible scars and falling hair after they got their treatment done from a cheap clinic.

Word to the wise, it is best to avoid labelling the cost of the treatment as the deciding factor when one is looking for best results in hair transplant.



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