Improve Your Digestion with Sleep

We all have heard that getting a sufficient amount of sleep is necessary for us. Many of us suffer from occasional lack of sleep or inadequate sleep, which is termed as “sleep debt” and this can develop various issues like an increase in memory lapse, behavioral issues, and digestion problems.

Whenever you think of sleep deprivation, most of the common problems associated with it like irritability, headache or fatigue comes in our mind. But most of us are not aware of the fact that there is the most important relationship between sleep and the digestive system and how these two interact with each other to provide us healthy life. We have a few points that might help you get through this relationship and help you live a happy life.

  1. Bedtime routine

Our digestive system works at night, it supplies all the nutrients and minerals at the time we are sleeping, because it is the time when our body is resting and there is no interruption in the process. It is necessary to develop a bedtime routine, calm your mind, body, stomach, take a warm bath, smell the good odor, get a perfect mattress and this will help you promote a night of good sleep, reduced anxiety and also help in soothing your digestion.

  • Sleeping position

This is one thing that is not in our control, but we should keep certain things in mind to help our gut system work properly, like not sleeping on the stomach, it compresses the organs hindering the digestive system work.  The best position is to lay on your back and the head popped, also chose the mattress, that will help you take the proper shape of your body and eliminate the chances of changing position at night. Also, you should sleep on your left side; this increases the blood flow in the body helping digestion.

  • Reduce stress

Stress is that evil factor in our life which builds anxiety and brings up spiraling thoughts that keep insomniacs up at night. This makes your stomach feel like a spiral of its keeping you away from the perfect sleep. Try to stay away from stress; this might end up making you sick. You can try meditation, aromatherapy, or yoga to keep your mind calm. Also, you can practice deep breathing or relaxation exercise before bedtime or talk to a friend or family which makes you happy. But, if you cannot get your worries to stop, you can grab a paper and write them down to free your mind (this helps).

After all, this, if you still face issues in sleeping, try changing your mattress, you can buy mattress online or go to store. If the problem persists, try reaching out to the doctor and seek medication. Sleep is one of the major parts of life which should never be ignored. Sleeping less might affect a 40% increase in blood levels resulting in cortisol, which is a stress hormone and slow down metabolism triggering a 33% increase in hunger pangs and craving.

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