Important Points To Consider When Buying Medical Grade Gas Cylinder

Medical services and health care centers may need a regular supply of electricity, water, medicines and gas. These are a specialized type of gases that are often used for breathing and anesthesia. In general, medical centers make use of Oxygen gas.

The supply has to be regular from the supplier side. The quality of medical gas should also be certified for human use. When it comes to selecting the best supplier, you may need to focus on many factors.

  • You have to consider the quality of the gas in the cylinder
  • You also have to focus on the transportation part
  • Maintenance and storage are also important

Based on your needs you may have to select the best supplier. You can search formedical Oxygen cylinder price Dubai options first.

Consider cylinder quality

In most cases, the cylinder is made up of stainless steel material. It should have a perfect fabrication coating. The cylinder shape should be sleek and easy to handle. The bottom of the cylinder should be flattened so it is easy to store and transport.

You can also look around for suppliers who supply better grade material like carbon fiber and aluminum. These are always more expensive options.

Cylinder size

Medical grade gas cylinder is always available in many different sizes. The size may vary depending on the capacity and volume of the gas that is stored in the cylinder. You will always come across a cylinder that may vary from lightweight (1.2 liters in size to around 50 liters).

The cylinder will hold the gas that is in compressed form for you may not feel the weight. The weight and size capacity may vary from one gas type to another. Not all types of gas can be compressed to reach the same volume.

You will find Helium gas cylinder in Dubai different in size as compared to Oxygen gas cylinder of the same capacity gas.

Pressure requirements

The pressure is an important factor as it refers to the capacity of the gas that is filled inside the cylinder. Before you buy the gas cylinder, you may have to check with the ideal pressure choice. The pressure may also vary depending on the type of the gas cylinder you select.

The pressure is usually mentioned on top of the cylinder that you buy. It is rated in PSI units. The pressure will also vary from small-sized cylinder too big sized cylinder. The pressure is important as the gas cylinder will be used inside the operation theatre as well.

If the pressure maintained is too high or low, it can pose a serious threat to the patient. It is thus recommended to approach a supplier that is reputable and licensed for medical services. 

Connecting accessories

Most suppliers will always provide certified connecting accessories along with the gas cylinder. Checking with accessories is important for safety reasons. There are chances that the cylinder could malfunction during the storage process.

If this happens then an accident can take place. It is risky to store gas cylinder that has compromised connecting accessories. This is not an issue when buying dry ice as it would not be stored in the cylinder. Checking with quality is important even when selecting dry ice supplier in Dubai.

If you are going to use the gas cylinder with an internal pipeline, then internal connecting components are important. You may have to check with the Pin index system in few cases.

Regulator system

Each type of gas cylinder makes use of different types of pressure regulator system. This is a specialized type of knob that will help regulate the flow of the gas out of the cylinder. In each case the knob system used is different.

It may also vary depending on the type and grade of gas-filled in the cylinder. So it will not be the same for commercial-grade carbon dioxide gas and medical use oxygen gas.

When you purchase from the supplier, you may have to provide the details related to the regulator knob type you need. This factor may also vary for human use and commercial applications. The knob should be provided with a well-insulated cap system that prevents the gas from leaking when stored in a room.

Checking with proper storage is also important. For the medical purpose, the gas cylinder may have to be stored till it is used.

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