Important Guidelines to Public Hire Insurance

Public hire properties sometimes called “Hackney Carriage” or “Black Cab” are the legendary British taxis that can be reached from the taxi rank or on the street. These cars are usually lit orange, so the public knows if they are available for rent or not.

Public hire taxis are usually used for shorter distances in the city or if you want to do something fast. Public hire Taxi Insurance is required to insure these vehicles for the correct type of rental and reward service.

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Public Hire Insurance for Taxi Fleets

If you run a public taxi rental company, it can be cheaper and more efficient to insure your entire insurance coverage fleet. This saves time and money because you no longer need to manage the documents for each car insurance policy. Normally, you can offer a taxi fleet of 3 cars and a combination of vehicle types such as limousines and minibuses.

Extra Coverage for A Public Hire Insurance:

Public Liability Insurance (PLI) is recommended as a significant additional part of your public hire insurance. While it is not a legal requirement, it protects your livelihood from third party claims, including damage to passengers or road users. It is best to contact your local government because some, especially those in London, have certain liability insurance requirements and insist that you have some cover to work. Loss of income, puncture protection and health or accident insurance are other factors to be considered for coverage. You can discuss these options with a specialized and experienced insurance broker.

Why Do You Need A Public Hire Insurance?

If you travel through the UK, you must have at least third-party liability insurance. But since your vehicle is crucial for your business, many drivers choose full insurance coverage. When you rent and reward your taxi, you must have a public hire insurance that is a different type of Taxi Insurance than a normal fleet insurance or private rental insurance. Without proper insurance, you cannot act as a competent driver of a black taxi, and a specialized insurance broker can help you here.

You must check your local license terms as each agency has a different policy for what to do in the area and at the level of public insurance required. It may be very expensive to take out bad insurance because you have no cover and maybe not a replacement vehicle if you are involved in an accident.



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