Hungarian Vizsla- Know them before getting one

Hungarian Vizsla, as the name suggests has Hungarian Roots and is documented to be around since 1357. The scholars however believe that the breed originated in the 9th century. Considered as one of the toughest dog breeds, they faced their fair share of calamities in the form of the Hungarian Civil wars, World War I and II, and were near extinction after the 2nd world war before being revived. This dog breed was introduced in the United States of America by communist Hungary, they soon become favourites among dog owners. Their popularity gave rise to various Hungarian Vizsla Breeders.

You can find  Vizsla puppies for sale in Victoria, TX, and other parts of the state and country. If you are planning to bring this canine companion to your home by buying them from a reputable Hungarian Vizsla Breeders with Vizsla puppies for sale, here are some of the personality traits of this breed that you should keep in mind.

#1-Hungarian Vizsla is energetic and needs regular exercise

When it comes to Hungarian Vizsla dogs, they are hunting dogs and love to explore. They are considered highly energetic dogs and love to run around, play, and indulge in various physical activities. They are typically not suitable for a family that lives in an apartment or does not have an ample amount of space for them. Furthermore, they are not a dog breed that will sit nicely at home for a long periods of time alone. It is advised to only get this dog breed if you have an active lifestyle, otherwise, either you or the dog will be unhappy. It goes without saying that Hungarian Vizsla is not a dog for extremely laid-back or extremely busy individuals who cannot provide them with adequate physical exercise. However, if you have active kids or partners who have an active lifestyle, they can still serve the purpose and serve as a companion for your activities.

#2- Hungarian Vizsla is a cuddle machine

When this four-legged canine companion is not out there running and exploring, they will be at your feet looking at you with googly eyes for some cuddles and loving. The Hungarian Vizsla is generally considered a loving, gentle, and affectionate breed that demands attention. They love being pet and taken care of which is quite common for all the hunting breed type dogs. Puppies need even more attention. Therefore, if bringing in a puppy, be ready to spend a large part of your day with them.

#3- Hungarian Vizsla is extremely smart and easily bored

Hungarian Vizsla is ranked 25th in the dog intelligence level which is quite noteworthy. They are quick to adapt new tricks, play new games, and learn new commands. Though this trait is praised by dog owners, there is another aspect that can lead to trouble. As they are quick to adapt, they also get bored easily if new things are not introduced to them. The best way to deal with it is to stimulate them with the help of various dog toys and puzzles available in the market and take them out to new places to explore. It will keep them occupied and happy for longer. 

#4- A child-friendly dog breed yet requires proper socialization

If you have decided to buy Vizsla puppies for sale in Victoria, TX, and other parts of the country, be ready to provide them with an ample amount of socialization. It is even more crucial when they are young. Not doing so will make them frightened and they might end up becoming antisocial or shy which may result in various areas of trouble later on. It is a good idea to take them out to dog parks and let them socialize properly. Let them interact with other dogs and be comfortable around the crowd from an earlier age. It will be of great help once they are older.

#5- Hungarian Vizsla puppies do not shed much 

The coat of Vizsla puppies is soft and consists of a single coat. Therefore, they shed less which is a great relief for many dog owners. Their coats are easy to maintain. As a dog owner, you can allow them on the carpet or couch without worrying about them leaving tons of their fur behind. 


Hungarian Vizsla is a great dog breed with a rich history. They can be a great companion if you have an active lifestyle. If the above-mentioned points are not a deal breaker for you, you can surely get yourself a Vizsla today. Visit nearby Hungarian Vizsla breeders or look for Vizsla puppies for sale in Victoria, TX and bring this magical creature to your house today.