How To Walk Properly In Height Increasing Boots

Quite evident that attractive looks and a pleasing personality are the two essential traits that can make somebody shine like a star. If a woman wants to instantly look taller and enhance her style, she can wear heels. And if a man wants to look taller, he can wear elevator shoes.

Unlike women’s high heels, men’s elevator-shoes also come in a variety of styles and designs that are now exclusively available in online stores. They are also known as hidden high heel boots. Boots with elevators make a comeback in men’s wardrobes in the fall, winter, and spring, bridging the gap between formal and casual styles.

Platform shoes and high heels give the wearer an extra boost from visible addition to their shoe sole, while height shoes for men give a boost from within. A raised sole is concealed beneath the shoe to provide the wearer a few more inches from within. You can also find various shoes that come with the in-built height-increasing soles, as well as inserts that can be added to any shoes you wish to wear.

Certainly, it does take some skill to maneuver in these height-increasing soles. To walk in them properly, it is recommended men should first choose the right pair of shoes; else, it will make them feel uncomfortable while walking in them. Once you get used to it, these elevator shoes will improve your posture as well as your strides.

For example, casual shoes are made to be comfortable and more supportive of the wearer’s foot. As a result, they can easily lift your height without letting anyone know about it.

There are various shoes designed to camouflage your height–increasing in a stylish way. Some of these hidden high heel boots options are Chelsea, brogues, etc.

However, it takes a little time to get used to this, but once you get your perfection in this, you’ll be able to glide around effortlessly. Also, you will need to walk a little more slowly if you decide to get shoes or wear a pair of boots with elevated inserts inside.

Lastly, the most crucial thing to remember is to walk with assurance. Taller males are generally more desirable because of their confidence. And undeniably, this is one of the best ways to impress women. Although it might not come naturally, with little practice, you will be able to confidently walk in high-heeled elevator shoes.


With all this in mind, you’ll feel more confident the next time you wear elevator shoes. Your confidence and posture will undoubtedly appreciate the extra prod, and you’ll think of yourself as more attractive.