How to use an electric shaver?

Are you prompted to shave your head but are contemplating on what tool to sign for? A conventional razor or an electric head shaver? Well, the selection is quite simple as you just need to understand your convenience and safety and then the choice will definitely be directed towards an electric shaver.

In life, we have to make many choices that either end up being right or sometimes wrong but just in case you have made up your mind to get yourself a bald hairstyle, congratulations,  it is definitely a remarkable decision. You can shed off the bizarre thoughts that are troubling you and can be happy about the fact that you are joining the bald community which is only growing with time.

Now, if you are shaving your head for the first time and are muddled with the worry of using a head shaver. There is absolutely nothing to worry about or trouble yourself with, you just need a bit of hand-holding to get you through the jitters of shaving for the first time. You must have come across the famous saying that goes by if life gives you a lemon then make lemonade out of it. As simple as that when hair fall or genetic baldness is troubling you give yourself a shaved head to get over it.

Shaving is an age-old grooming practice for men, and as new as it may sound, head shaving is also not a very new topic. Men have been practicing head-shaving for years now based on various beliefs and other medical or grooming requirements. However, what has changed is the advent of electric head-shaving tools that have managed to replace the conventional razor. The popularity of electric shaving tools is, however, based on the specifications that it comes with which are in short more convenient and safe than the conventional razor with sharp blades. When on one hand the conventional razor with its sharp blades can pose injuries such as razor burns, cuts, nicks, etc., the electric shaver is a safe option as it comes with an oscillating rotary blade that very efficiently shaves the hair from the closest to the skin but without any irritation or harm.

Knowing all the benefits of using the electric shaver, you must be looking forward to using a  head shaver. You can be a novice in using an electric shaver or must be using it for a while, however, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind while using an electric shaver:

  • If you are in for a dry shave, then make sure you trim the hair short before opting to shave it entirely. By trimming the hair short you can ensure a smooth shave without any yanking or tugging at the hairs and also can terminate any chances of skin bumps. Moreover, shorter hair will be both comfortable and faster to shave.
  • It also stands very important to use the shaver in the correct position for a better shaving experience. It is, however, recommended that you hold the electric shaver at a right angle and move against the direction of the hair growth to minimize skin irritation and save on the shaving time.
  • In case of a wet shave, however, it is recommended that you first wash the hairs with warm water to soften them and then apply a pre-shave product for a smooth shaving experience. Pre-shave oil can help in reducing the friction between the blades and the skin by acting as natural resistance.
  • While running the shaver always remember to move it against the grain and use the free hand to tightly hold the skin especially during shaving the rear part of the head. Your free hand can help in guiding the shaver to the nook and corner of the head for a clean and smooth shave without any stubble.
  • Since shavers have a tendency to generate heat in the course of their functioning so it is recommended that you shave the delicate areas first, such as the neck and behind the ears. You should also avoid going over the areas over and again to reduce skin contact and develop any kind of irritation.
  • Before your first head-shaving adventure, make sure your device has enough charge to run you through the whole process of acquiring a bald head. Look for head shavers that have a good run time so that it doesn’t betray you in the middle of the task.
  • As much as the whole shaving procedure requires patience and care, similarly, your shaving tool needs proper handling. Make it a point to always clean the head shaver after every use so that the tool lasts longer. For the sake of cleaning, you should be concerned about purchasing a water-proof device that makes the cleaning process easy and convenient.

These were certain suggestions that can help you manage a proper shaving session and help you acquire a perfectly shaved dome.  If you are shaving your head then it must be done correctly and maintained properly with regular grooming sessions. However, for a healthy and smooth-looking dome try using bald head products that ensure your baldness does not come with a price but rather looks trendy and fashionable.

Final Words:

By now you must have obtained enough knowledge on how to use an electric head shaver in the correct manner. So, what are you waiting for? Gear up to embrace the bald head and that too with style. Always remember that using a proper head shaver can keep you from embarrassing yourself by turning up at the workplace with bits of tissue paper stuck on your head and face. Get going and all the best.