How To Spend A Weekend In Italy?

Italy is one of the most important countries of the world. It has a central position in European Union. It shares border along with many of the famous countries such as Austria, Switzerland Slovenia and France. There are also two small states which borders Italy that are popularly known as Vatican City and the other is San Marino and also has a maritime boundary with the Tunisian Sea. Italy is one of the best countries in the world. Living standards in Italy are very high for men and women. It is also regarded as one of the strongest countries in the European Union. You search for Kuwait Airways Ticket Prices and then book a trip for going to Italy.

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Rome is the city of Italy with the largest amount of the population. It also serves the capital city of Italy. The Vatican City borders the city and it is present neighbor of Rome. It is considered to be the one of the oldest cities of the world. The city has very long history and its population emerged from the people whose ethnicities were very different from each other. It is the home of Roman Catholic Church. There are many of the landmarks present in Rome which attract the attention of national and international visitors like the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, to Vatican City with St. Peter’ Bascillia, there are different landmarks situated in the Rome City. You will wonder how about armies of Roman cities of had conquered such a huge land in the past.

There is an old 19th Century house which is located next to a medieval level Church. How can we do the comparison before? You will find one most common thing in the whole of the Roman city and that are the fountains. There exist different kinds of fountains which are found in abundance in the city of Rome. Most of the rulers and benefactors have ordered the construction of these fountains. Some of them have also come in the films. These films are made according to the fictional plots and adding the stories of the fountains. Most of the tourists watch these films in cinemas and several of them have bought tickets from Airlines Promotions for the purpose of going to Italy.

There are different types of food lovers who will come as tourists for the purpose of seeing Roman city. Most of the tourists arrive for the purpose of eating delicious category of cuisine. Tattorie is a special type of food which is prepared and is served in Roman hotels and restaurants. Sometime, these restaurants prepare different dishes of mixed vegetables and it is really mouth-watering for the eaters. Some of the dishes are prepared especially for the purpose of serving to the customers: artichokes and puntarelle.


Naples is one of the main cities of Italy. It contains the ruins of Pompeli, well if you are a history lover and liked the art of some kind. Naples is a busy city. Like Rome, it is an oldest city of Italy. Its center is also UNESCO designated World Heritage Site. If you are a student of the archaeology exploration then you have landed at the right place. You can explore as much as you can about Pompeli. History lover can also discover of the old and used items in the Naples Archeological Museum. There are different kind of artifacts, sculptors and frescos. You will find all of the ancient items in that museum. Naples is also used for going to different cities of Italy like Capri and Sorrento and going to sea from Bay of Naples.

You will be amazed to hear about one interesting fact of Naples that pizza was invented was there. Different types of pizzas were originated from here. It became popular all over the world. The base of making pizza was this famous city.


It is one of the most densely populated cities of Italy. There are a large number of churches which are situated in the city. Most of the architecture influence is of Byzantine culture but you can say in the modern term Sicilian Baroque. Several people pay a visit to the small churches which come in their way. Many of the open air markets are located in this town. You can hear the noise of the crowds. Most of the people bargain for the prices of the fish or fruits. You must also buy the items which you like. There are also other famous markets Capo or Vucciria to see different items which are related to the dressing and other category of lifestyle. The city is like a paradise for the food lovers such as street food to gourmet dishes. These items are available 24/7 which means that you can buy these items any time you want. You must enjoy the islands because you are on being one of them. You can reach on time by using bus. The name of the beach is Mondello. There water is of turquoise color and sand is also very soft one. It is a very beautiful location. You can easily relax on the beach.

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