How To Run A Cocktail Bar

A cocktail bar is basically a bar that serves cocktails.

Cocktail bars in Tawala, Philippines,and Cocktail bars in Panglao, Philippines, are all cocktail bars.

Managing a bar is a whole lot of work, from getting stocked up, serving nice cocktails, and planning fun activities, to customer satisfaction.

This is why a list of simple steps to help you manage your cocktail bar has been put into place.

These steps are not restricted to people that already own bars only.

Beginners wanting to get a bar and increase their financial capacity can also look into these steps.

1. Stocking Bar

The bar should never be out of stock totally.

The bar refrigerator should always be filled with alcoholic beverages.

You should check your buyers’ tab to know what customers consume the most. It would help you in determining the drinks to stock more.

Napkins, mixing glasses, straws, and cocktail shakes should always be kept handy as they are used regularly.

This will lead to orderliness in the bar area.

2. Carefully measure liquor to avoid overflow.

Cocktails are pricey. An overflow will cost you money.

Ensure you make use of the right equipment like measuring liquor pourers, jiggers, and the right glassware. This is done to avoid wastage.

3. Create your own cocktail.

Create new recipes targeted at your customers’ taste preferences.

Be up to date with bar trends so that you can always meet your customers’ demands.

Fruits and other garnishes can also be added to your cocktail to turn things up.

4. Host events

Host fun events with discount advantages to attract more customers.

Who wouldn’t like a discount on fine wine?

Convince them to come back for more by giving your best beverages at a discount price during events.

If you are confused about the type of event to host, you can go with karaoke, game nights, open mic nights, and trivia.

These events should be held on specific days of the week.

For instance, Thursdays are fun for open mic nights, and Saturdays are great for karaoke.

5. Get a good bartender

A good bartender is a key factor in bar success.

The bartender must be well trained to deal with customer behavior.

He must be able to build customer relationships.

6. Use of electronic transaction methods

In the 21st century, people barely walk around with briefcases filled with money notes.

Invest in a point of sale system so people can make instant transactions comfortably.

Apart from the steps mentioned here, there is an extra spice to add to your bar listing, which is the bar food menu.

So, the question is, what’s on your menu?

To make things easier for you, we have an arranged food menu specifically prepared based on customer preferences over the years.

Bar Menu ideas

1. Include popular food items on a bar menu.

Food consumed by a lot of people should be added to the bar menu.

The majority of these foods are not expensive and will yield high profits.

Hot dogs, French fries, chicken wings, pizza, nachos, and burge are examples of such food.

If the cocktail bar location has a local dish, add it to the menu to spice things up and impress your customers.

2. Appetizers

Tasty food breeds happiness within, but tiny crunchy snacks are not left out either.

Small bites are fun and light to consume.

Examples of appetizers to add are fries, veggies, and cheese.

3. Take beautiful pictures of your bar’s food.

This is mainly for publicity and beautification.

Beautiful, mouth-watering pictures of the food on your menu can help your customers decide what they want to eat.

Get a professional photographer to capture your food items and the best sumptuous meal moments.

The angles need to be gotten correctly with no detail left unattended.

  • Set up the light for visibility.
  • Put up your best dishes for capture.
  • Edit till you can feel the taste of the food by looking at the picture.

4. Food description

A properly written food description can be tagged alongside mouth-watering pictures of your food.

Get the services of a good copywriter to best describe the food.

The description should not be different from the taste of the food.

5. Make promotional offers

With the creation of a bar menu, special offers should be made to drive customers into your bar.

Your customers need to have a taste of all that food bar magic.

Do special offers on specific days. Give a discount on meals and watch customers troop in.

Running a bar is a big competition as a lot of people are into it.

However, you should take more active roles in ensuring the smooth run of activities in cocktail bars in Tawala, Philippines, and cocktail bars in Panglao, Philippines.

This will help to yield high profits and better satisfy your customers.