How To Make An Ecommerce Store With WordPress?

Are you interested in running an online store? With a little technical knowledge, it can be terrible for you to start an online store. But you will be happy to know that by using WordPress you can easily do this. You can use it very easily. More than 25 % of websites are using it. For beginners a lot of information exists here. You will require only a few minutes and then you can run your site online. For starting an online store, you need basically three things:

·       An idea for the domain name (your online shop’s name)

·       A host for your website (on internet your website remains here)

·       A 30 minutes attention so as to start this

It is very easy to do all this. You will need only 30 minutes for setting up your WordPress website in your online store. Now I am going to tell you how to make an ecommerce store with WordPress.

1.Set up a platform for your online store – If for your online store you do not choose the right platform then it is a very big mistake. Choosing WordPress+WooCommerce platform will be good for you. This platform offers so much flexibility. You require an SSL certificate, a web hosting and a domain name for setting up your store. On the internet, your site’s address is known as domain name and your site lives at the web hosting. We can say that your site’s house is web hosting. Your website can have a special layer of security by using an SSL certificate.

2.Set up WordPress – When you will install the WP site then you need to log into it. After logging in, a message will come asking you the type of site you need. A link will come where you will see ‘I don’t need help’. Just click on it. An admin dashboard of WP will appear when you will close the setup wizard. Go to Settings. For setting up the description and title of your WP site, go to General. Normally a free SSL certificate will come with the hosting package of your WP. For the domain name of your site, you will find an already installed SSL certificate. You need to configure your WP site for loading it on HTTP or HTTPS. Instead of HTTP use HTTPS as the address of your WP site on the General page of the Settings. For storing the settings, go to the ‘save changes’ button and click on it. With this your setup of WP will be finished. After this your online store needs to be set up by you.

3.Set up your WooCommerce store – Prior to selling items there are some important things which you have to do. These include setting up the information of shipping, payments and currency. The admin pages of WP will include a notification where ‘Welcome to WooCommerce’ will be present in written form. Here you will see a button on which ‘Run setup wizard’ is written. Click on the button. The setup wizard of WooCommerce will get set up with this. If you want to start it, then the ‘Let’s go’ button needs to be clicked by you. For account, shopping, checking out and cart, some essential pages need to be set up in WooCommerce. In order to build these pages automatically, the continue button needs to be clicked by you. After this the next step will come. Now the unit measures, currency type and the store location need to be given to WooCommerce. Select the currency and your location. You can move on after clicking the continue button. The information of the shipping and tax need to be entered next. Then you have to select the method of payment. After doing this your setup for the WooCommerce store gets completed.

4.Add items to the online store – In your online store you need to add products and for this you have to go to the Products. Here for adding a new product, go to the Add New page. Give your product a suitable title. After this, describe your product. A ‘Product Categories’ box will come on the right side. For creating a product category, the ‘+Add New Product Category’ needs to be clicked by you. Sorting and browsing of items for customers becomes easy with this. A Product Data box will appear after scrolling down. You can enter shipping, inventory and pricing information of your product here. A Product Short Description box is present below the product data box. For allowing the visitors to see a number of items on the web page you can take the help of a short description. The Product Gallery and Product Image boxes are also present on the right side in the last. Then go to the publish button and click on it.

5.Pick a WordPress theme and customize it – After visiting the site, the appearance of your WP site depends on the theme that you choose. For this go to Appearance. Click on Customize page. Changing the theme settings is possible here and for this a theme customizer will help you out.

6.Add plugins to your WordPress site – In order to increase the functionality of your WP site, add plugins to your WP site. Plugins like Yoast will help you a lot. The number of available WP plugins are more than 46000.

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