How To Grows Your Logistics Business’ Sales In Challenging Times

It is normal to see many large parcel delivery UK firms struggling to make big sales in the middle of economic downturn. For better business growth, many same day courier UK services are making investments to boost their revenues. However, according to experts at Forbes, many logistics businesses such as next day courier UK services are suffering from a problem of low lead generation tactics and lack of sales predictability. That is leading to lower sales conversion rates. 

The fact is true that many multi drop courier services in the UK are have sales problems. In this post, let us shed more light on how European delivery and pickup services businesses can increase their sales and enhance their sales predicitivty in the middle of turbulent times. 

Let us get started.

How to Increase Sales Predictability of Economy Parcel Delivery Service Firms?

The first step in improving the sales process is to understand the dynamics of sales and how they can be made more scalable and measurable. A well-defined and executed sales process increases accountability across sales representatives and also provides the company a competitive advantage over rivals. The basic sales processes in traditional parcel delivery organizations can go like this:

  1. Lead Generation

This step is where both outbound and inbound marketing strategies are used to collect information about potential clients that are turned into leads. This step requires companies to collect data such as emails, phone numbers, and addresses of clients. 

  • Lead Qualification 

This is the crucial step that takes the leads collected from the step 1 and see if the align with the target customers’ profile. This step helps to determine the leads readiness. 

  • Need Assessment 

In this step, the dales reps are often required to find out the needs of clients of the business to match their needs and make negotiations if necessary. 

  • Close and Delivery 

This is the final step of the sales process that involved closing of the deal. 

All these processes should be defined well in the sales and marketing departments to make progress towards success in your logistics company. However, this just the first step of sales and now what is required is to generate leads consistently. But how? 

Let us explain this to you.

2. Generate your Leads Consistently 

For a logitistics business to see consistent leads and sales, it must have a strong marketing and sales strategy in place to generate a steady flow of leads. Some examples of sales and marketing strategies you could include are: 

  • Inbound Lead Generation 
  • Content marketing
  • Search engine optimization 
  • Social media marketing 
  • And email marketing 

Outbound Lead Generation Process 

For your logistics business to grow in terms of sales, it must focus on the outbound leads generation process. In comparison with the inbound process of lead generation, out bound process does not deal with Internet marketing. Infect, it deals with tactics such as cold calling, direct sales, and events. 

For example, businesses often use a strategy called direct sales in which the sales rep goes outside of his office to meet a potential client and convinces him of the viability of the product or service. This is the most important strategy to help the clients make purchasing decisions. This is why you should hire savvy sales people for such tasks. 

Implementing at least one of these strategies will boost logistics sales in the door to door parcel delivery company in the UK. 

That brings us to our next step of improving sales conversions. 

3. Increasing Sales Conversions

The next challenge for your UK parcel delivery company is to maximize the number of leads into customers. That process is also known as conversion that is often done by either sophisticated conversion copywriters or people with great marketing skills. Not all the leads are equal in this process, you need to treat each lead differently and create a strategy about it. 

This process is complex because the company must know who their target customers are and what their demographics are. That involves knowing the industry type of the customers as well as company size. It is also important to know whether you are dealing with the decision makers or lower level people. This is an important part of buyer’s journey to identify where the lead is. This is how brand credibility comes into play. 

So, Whets the Conclusion? 

The bottom line is that many opportunities are out there for logistics businesses in the UK to enhance their sales if they are willing to take an extra mile and go the right way about their marketing. They can potentially increase their sales by 40% if they hire the right copywriters who understand the marketing funnels and processes and also know how to engage customers. 

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