How to do exercise on a leg press machine without getting hurt?

In a gym, leg press machine is one of the most popular equipment that people who want to tone and define their leg muscles love to hop on.

However, the key to making most of this exercise machine is to perform the exercise in the right manner with the correct posture.

In case, you aren’t performing the exercise and keeping a wrong posture then there are chances you may get an injury.

Broadly speaking, there are two different types of leg press machines in the gyms- the traditional horizontal leg press and 45-degree leg press machine.

Both machines are used to define quads and hamstring muscles.

Besides, your thigh muscles these machines also help you make your hip muscles stronger.

While this exercise might appear to be very easy, but it is quite important that you should learn the proper usage of the machine by seeking the assistance of a qualified personal trainer who has successfully completed his or her fitness certification courses from a recognized institution.

leg press

Read on to know more about the benefits of using leg press machine and the right way to do exercise on this beneficial machine.

Benefits of using a leg press machine

  • Technically speaking, the leg press machine empowers a person to leverage all the advantages of what they will be doing while performing barbell squats.
  • In simple words, you will be able to define your quad muscles in a much better manner.
  • Apart from defining your quad muscles, you can even strengthen your glutes, hamstring, and calf muscles. Isn’t this machine an amazing one? It allows you to target multiple muscle groups at one time.

Let’s have look at some of the mistakes most people commit while using the leg press machine in the gym:

Overloading with weight

That’s the biggest mistake many people tend to do. Well, you don’t need to load too much weight that you can lift properly. You must go slow and try to pace up with time. No point in overloading with heavyweights that you aren’t even able to pull up and down. Nothing good will happen, but you will surely get injured. You have to pull the weight and come back to the starting position slowly.

Hips are not kept flat on the seat

It is yet another poor posture that many people do in the gym. By not keeping your hips flat on the seat, you are putting on more pressure on your legs and joints directly.

Keeping your hands on your knees

While doing the leg press exercise, never ever keep your hands on your knees. This will not help you focus on the muscle group you are thinking about targeting. There are handles just next to your seat where you can place your hands.

Cautionary warning: If you are a beginner or new to the gym, then I would highly recommend you to seek the assistance of qualified personal trainer who has successfully completed his or her fitness certification courses from a recognized institution.


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