How Important is it to Take Care of your AC Service?

An air conditioning system has become an integral part of our lives. We get to meet the AC in its many forms all through the day at home, in the office, in the supermarket as well as in the car. With the temperature gods playing to their fullest nowadays in all seasons, it becomes even more necessary to keep your AC running in perfect condition all through the year.

AC service in Gurgaon is one such geographical location that is not immune to the climate fluctuations. The high cost of living in this area combined with the cost of AC repair in Gurgaon can make a dent to your pocket. Here are a few simple do’s and don’ts of keeping your AC running to its optimum best throughout the year.

A dirty air conditioner like any other equipment in the house is not providing you with that efficient cooling or heating. The dirt accumulated on and inside the AC will make the system work harder making it not only consume more electricity but also wreck its components faster which will need replacement. Wipe the dirt and debris off the coils and drains on a regular basis and do not allow weeds or other obstructions around an outside AC condensation unit.

Any AC has two filters one on the inside and one an easily replaceable one on the outside. Changing filters in an AC is an easier task for which you do not need professional help and can be done on your own. The outside filters are easily replaceable. Filters on the AC should be replaced in three months for peak performance. This small investment of your time and money will help you save a lot of money at a later date. Also ensure that insects, birds, squirrels and mouse do not make nests inside the unit and do not put sticks, leaves and other debris that will clog up the air flow. Also do not keep any plants, other electronics, books, etc. around the AC vents which may disrupt the air flow.

Also get the air conditioning unit whether wall mounted or kept outside professional and regular tune ups. This maintenance should be done at least twice a year, once before the onset of summers and once more after the rainy season in the northern parts of India. Also never run your AC with an extension cord as the voltage drops that happen with it will make your AC work harder to cool or heat. And do not mount the window units with wood or brick as it will block the airflow, instead use a more secure setup with a metal cage that is sometimes even authorised for use from the company that you buy the air conditioner.

Although most of the ACs are installed by the company when you buy them but sometimes it is easier to get outside help towards AC repair in Gurgaon, especially if you are shifting house or during festival times. We at Lifeasy can give you that much required peace of mind when it comes to your AC service in Gurgaon with professional help as well as regular maintenance.


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