How COVID-19 Pandemic Is Changing The Landscape Of eLearning

We all know that this pandemic situation of COVID-19 is hitting hard across the globe.

The demand for eLearning courses has increased drastically due to the shutdown of schools, colleges, and corporate offices.

People are now realizing the power of eLearning and a large mass of audience is moving toward eLearning to enhance their skills.

In this post, we will discuss the five tips to meet the challenges that will help you in adapting the changes in the eLearning landscape.

How COVID-19 Pandemic Is changing The eLearning

It is the time when everyone is spending their free time at home. Students are getting enough time for their study as well as corporate learners are working from home and gaining more time each day to enhance their skills. Therefore, the demand for the eLearning courses has been increased and new content is not being generated due to the lockdown. Many online instructors are converting their ILT courses to online courses to meet the requirement of the learners so the demand for LMS access has also increased.

Now, let’s dive in to see in detail the five tips that will help you in adapting to the challenges of eLearning in this pandemic situation.

Temporary Online Training Course

In this pandemic situation, learners are ready to spend their newfound wealth into developing themselves. So it will be better to design a temporary course with an end in mind. Be crystal clear for all the courses because all temporary courses will be the action of the learners in the light of this pandemic situation. A lot of online trainers and course developers are making surveys among the learners so they can know the demand for them. This will help you in designing temporary courses that can bring maximum ROI.

MicroLearning Courses Is The Future

Nobody knows when this pandemic situation will become normal and the schools, colleges, and corporate offices will be open. As an online trainer, investing your time and money in creating longer courses for your learners will be a waste. Therefore, a short or microlearning course will be a better option for enhancing the skills of the learners. This will help the learners in completing the course in a short span of time. Thus, microlearning courses will be a better option for eLearning courses.

Clear Doubts And Queries Online

As more and more learners are switching toward the eLearning courses and enhancing their skills. Some learners will definitely have doubts and queries related to the course then it becomes essential for you to solve their doubts and queries. Create discussion forums and if possible conduct webinars in order to solve the issues and queries of the learners. This will help you in providing a good learning experience to the learners.

Latest Technology LMS For Delivering Courses

Providing a good user experience to the learners is always the first priority for online trainers and course developers like you. So it’s time to consider an LMS with the latest technology. WPLMS is the WordPress Learning Management System that has all the latest features that you require for delivering your courses. WPLMS also supports AR for delivering skill-based training in order to simulate an identical environment. This type of feature will engage the learners and attract their attention.


As COVID-19 is bringing changes all around the globe, online trainers and course professionals need to change a lot of things from creating your courses to delivery of courses. I hope this article will help you in designing good eLearning courses in this tough time. Stay at Home, Stay Safe!


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