How coronavirus affects the seo digital marketing agency’s business?

In 2020, one of the greatest disasters to have hit mankind is the Coronavirus or Covid-19. It has taken the shape of a pandemic, with Tom Hanks being one the first celebrities to be diagnosed with it. So, amidst the chaos of uncertainty, how does the coronavirus affect the workings of a SEO digital marketing agency?

Consumer behaviour has been hit badly by the widespread reach of the virus and vital industries have been brought down. The travel and hospitality business scene has suffered the most due to panic brought forth by the deadly coronavirus. People are being discouraged to travel to countries badly hit by the pandemic.

Digital marketing has also been hit as Internet biggies like Apple and Uber declared being affected by the pandemic. Facebook announced a 10% dip in their quarterly business. The major blow from coronavirus came in the form of reduced marketing dollars. People are not interested in frivolities and hence the act of selling itself becomes difficult. Executives all over the world are tense about the situation and so acquiring seed money becomes even more difficult in this economy.

Come to think of it, a SEO digital marketing agency does not operate within the traditional norms of marketing. For one, there is no infrastructure. Employees of such an agency can very well work remotely in case of an emergency shut down. Still, because of diminishing budget rates, the coronavirus seems to have hit this sector as well. If the clients’ businesses are hit, marketing is bound to be affected, be it digital or traditional.

What is affecting the digital marketing ecosystem the most is the fear and sense of uncertainty caused by the virus. Because travelling has been affected majorly and so have the supply chain, marketers have stopped getting commissions because there are no products to market!

The e-commerce industry is likely to benefit from the widespread panic caused by the coronavirus. Since people are practically on house-arrest, holed up inside their living quarters, online shopping could have toppled physical shopping. A top SEO digital marketing agency owner told us that their e-commerce sector is the least affected since people prefer online shopping during uncertain, panicky times.

Some brands are shutting down their inventories because the coronavirus scare has affected their supply chain. The main focus for any marketer is to discuss with their client the need of the hour. Maybe, for some products, the situation can be leveraged. There has been an increase in the sale of sanitizers and other personal hygiene products. E-commerce sites have also seen a rise in the percentage of traffic. If people are staying home, they tend to shop online – basic psychology during the digital age.

Some of these brands, like ‘Pee Safe’ have modified their campaign approach. Earlier, they would work on the ‘products for womens’ hygiene’ line of thought. Ever since the coronavirus breakout, they are coming up with online ads that highlight their general sanitizer spray for all germ-ridden surfaces. Surely, their hired SEO digital marketing agency are aggressively strategizing how to cash in on the pandemic scare.

An e-commerce giant like Amazon has a lot of Chinese suppliers. Sales of these items have seen an all-time low. Merchants selling Chinese products have been adversely hit since no one wants to buy products coming all the way from China.

On the other hand, bulk buying of products has catapulted the sales of certain products. We all must have faced a recent death in toilet rolls and hand wash products in the market. Under such a situation, the coronavirus has actually boosted online sales to some degree.  

If you are a business owner, and you have put in money for digital marketing from a SEO digital marketing agency, it’s time to rethink your marketing agency. Coronavirus has also affected the way people work. In China, since people are not getting out of their houses, thriving cities have turned into ghost towns. But this is actually good business for video conferencing products. There has been an exponential growth in the usage of such services.


Online marketing is an integral part of the digital world we live in. A pandemic with far-reaching effects such as the coronavirus is an interesting foray into the shifting dynamics of consumer behavior. Advertising dollars are being put aside as brands want to crack the best campaign approach during uncertain times. Events like the World Olympics being affected is a sure shot sign of a heavy impact of coronavirus on the global economy. Some experts are of the view that it’s too early to predict how the pandemic will affect digital marketing in the long run. For now, we are safer than some major industries.


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